Jolly Rancher: another fake fruit candy

July 20, 2011 |

Jolly Rancher hard candy is artificially flavored SUGAR manufactured in Canada for the Hershey Food Corporation. It took the manufacturer even lesser to formulate this candy than what it took Zachary Confection to make their fake “cherry” slices. This time they were able to get away without food starch. One nutrient less! What they have left to Americans were only two nutrients. They take cheap SUGAR, dilute it with even cheaper CORN SYRUP, add artificial colors and sell it to YOU for BIG bucks under the fruity names! This is another

Fruit Fraud: Chemicals for your child

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Jolly Rancher candy: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Jolly Rancher candy: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Fake apple,  fake blue raspberry, fake cherry, fake watermelon and fake grape. Jolly Rancher candies are nothing but SUGAR colored with health-damaging artificial colors: azo dyes and an aniline dye. While it is IMMORAL for the anonymous Canadian manufacturer and the Hershey to concoct and sell pieces of chemically dyed sugar under the fruity names, it is OUR responsibility to prevent them from being a part of OUR children’s diet.

The amount of the artificial colors in the candy is significantly less than what you can eat with a dried papaya or mango, but chronic exposure to biochemically foreign chemicals is NOT what you want. This is the “dye diet” which will cause bad health consequences.

Food manufacturers egregiously exploit nice pictures and names of real fruits to fool you into buying their artificially dyed sugars (read a document Food marketing to children and youth overview). INDEED, REFINED WHITE SUGAR IS HEALTHIER THAN JOLLY RANCHER CANDY! But real fruits is the best alternative for you and your kids.

The deeper I sink into researching of the US food market the more I feel puzzled by the questions:

  • Why the quality of food has degraded so badly in this country?
  • Why American people allow the food industry to play nasty pranks so that the health of the nation is in danger?

According to the Feingold Association (watch quick video about a link between food additives and health problems)  50-60 years ago the quality of food in America was much higher. So WHERE the degradation is coming from? I see TWO main reasons:

  • Greed of the food industry and
  • Massive ignorance of the consumers.

Here are some facts quoted from the USDA and USDHHS docuiment Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010:

  • Nearly 24 million people—almost 11 percent of the population—ages 20 years and older have diabetes. The vast majority of cases are type 2 diabetes, which is heavily influenced by diet and physical activity.
  • About 78 million Americans—35 percent of the U.S. adult population ages 20 years or older—have pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes (also called impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose) means that blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be called diabetes.
  • Almost one in two men and women—approximately 41 percent of the population—will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

People, you better wake up to the reality before you find yourself and your children terminally ill. DyeDiet does its best to help you opening your eyes. The Dye Diet Calculator is another tool which may help.

Stop supporting destructive Fruit Fraud: do NOT buy it!

Protect your and your children’s health,
Eat food, not food additives!

Stop following the chemical ”dye diet,”

Follow DyeDiet!

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  1. Rehtse says:

    Wow! I know that obesity is serious but there is no way jolly ranchers are to blame. They are CANDY, and might I add delicious. Despite them being purely sugar they are only 23 calories per square jolly rancher which means if enjoyed in moderation they could actually serve as an alternative to other higher calorie/fat candies.

    If you think people are dumb enough to think they are good for them just because they come in fruity flavours you are sadly mistaken. I agree we need to be educated as to what we eat but calling a candy company immoral for selling candy crosses the line…

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Not all candy manufacturers do deceive consumers. Take a look into this, for instance:

      • Rehtse says:

        But I don’t see it as a deception at all. It says naturally and artificially flavored. Even if there is only like .001 percent natural flavoring in the product they are not lying. Anyways no one buys them thinking they are good for them. They are clearly, as you make clear above, dyed sugar.

        What I’m saying is that it is good to be informed and make smart choices but it’s not what I got from reading this entry. Instead it feels like you are vilifying Jolly Ranchers for making people obese because they are too stupid to know that watermelon flavor doesn’t contain real watermelon.

        Don’t get me wrong this website is a great resource for people! I really do think that, but this was the first entry I ever read and it gave me the wrong impression of the website.

        • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

          Thank you for the discussion! The point is not simply about what the definition of lying is. The point is that people are EATING the stuff and feeding their children who are the most vulnerable… In my posts I have never implied that people are stupid. But the truth is that so many consumers are too credulous, uneducated and careless. My heart was broken many times when at candy stores I have seen many young moms buying terribly colored candy crap for their lovely little kids. I invite you to do your own study and report the outcome at the DyeDiet. You will be surprised to find how many people believe the fruity pictures reflect true.

  2. babyjay says:

    hey dyediet i dont think this fare because there are alot of kids who like this candy yall should use real flavors and not that artificial flavors because some kids dont think thats fare at all but i will still like jolly ranchers

  3. iluvcandy says:

    I don’t think the majority of people think that Jolly Ranchers are a substitute for fruit. They know that it is candy, and that candy is to be eaten in moderation or you eat it anyway- knowing the consequences. After reading this article (while sucking on a cherry flavored Jolly Rancher), it leaves me disappointed that it bashes Jolly Ranchers, but gives no healthier alternatives except to eat real fruit instead. Well, I love fruit… but sometimes you want a piece of candy. How about you give some healthier alternatives for candy we might want to try instead of these? That is the reason I found this article.. trying to find an alternative to these sugary/dyed candies! Thank you for telling me how bad they are for me, but I already knew that.. which is why I was trying to find a better choice! Any suggestions? The only thing this article did was make me feel like abstinence is the only solution.. it was not educational, because anyone with half a brain knows just by glancing at the ingredients that it is “bad for you” and not in any way do I think most normal people think that these candies are a substitute for real fruit! 😀 Please, give some healthier, natural flavored, no artificial flavor/colors fruity hard candies! Thank you!