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July 21, 2012 |

Some time ago I wrote a report on Jelly Belly candy which was stuffed with 11 anti-nutritional food additives (red segments in the DyeDiet diagram) and delivered a miserably low nutritional value. Yes, I would not treat my children to that kind of candies. But the world is changing and not always for worse. Now consider Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix candy that comes with 100% natural flavors, natural colors (!), naturally sweetened and made with real fruit juices and purees! No lies, no misrepresentations. Is it too good to be truth? No, it is real this time. Look for yourself what the DyeDiet diagram of a nutritional candy looks like:


Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix: Risk and NutritionJelly Belly Superfruit Mix: Risk and Nutrition

The diagram is green-yellow; no red segments this time! These are the candies we have been waiting for too long. Check it out, nothing artificial are added! For this reason you will take ZERO chemical risk, DDFI = 0/39 = 0 and you will get good nutritional value of DDNF = 39/15 ~ 2.6. Excellent! Enjoy nutritious candy from Jelly Belly!

As you can read on the bag, “Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix includes five exciting flavors bursting with fresh fruit taste. All the beans are made with real juices and purees, as well as all natural flavors and colors from natural sources.“ True, I have tried the candy and I liked it.

Some of the natural colors used in the candy are listed below:

Along with the naturally derived blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry and acai concentrates that bring antioxidants, acerola cherry juice concentrate is also used as a source of Vitamin C. So you can safely enjoy Jelly Belly Superfruit Mix candy without worrying about being exposed to toxic or allergic food additives. This is a good reason for the manufacturer to be proud. Go Jelly Belly natural!

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