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April 5, 2012 |

I think this Easter Egg Surprise Lollipops would make Jesus to throw up. Why? Because Jesus would expect TRUTH, something really loving, healthy and nourishing in the treat, wouldn’t He? Instead, He would find only LIES: chemical simulation of the flavors and a bunch of nasty artificial colors imitating strawberry, watermelon and blue raspberry. Yes, Jesus would certainly throw up on the manufacturer in China and the company-distributor, Ford Gum and Machine Company, Inc., Akron, NY 14001 USA.

 DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Easter Egg Surprise Lollipop: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentEaster Egg Surprise Lollipop: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

The DyeDiet risk diagram is red. Come over here, children, get your 1 mg of Red 40 instead of strawberry, 0.2 mg of Blue 1 instead of blue raspberry and a combination of 0.1 mg of Blue 1 (see what happens in the extreme cases: Blue colon at autopsy) and 0.4 mg of Yellow 5, instead of watermelon! Pure white sugar IS definitely safer than this concoction. In other words, the candy is chemically CONTAMINATED sugar. Hell of a treat for Easter! Maybe this Surprise Lollipops would please Satan but the children deserve love, health and truth.

Below are some articles to read about links between consumption of the artificial colorants and psychiatric disorders in children like ADHD, ADD and others:

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Red Dye 40 : To Eat or Not to Eat?

They say we have a health crisis in this country. Not too big surprise; not bigger than these ridiculous Surprise Lollipops. With the monetary system based on the fraudulent fractional reserve banking, topped by the Federal Reserve enjoying monopoly control over the perpetual money printing, what would you expect, high moral standards? In this strictly profit-driven economy there is no place for love and health for the children. Food industry sees them as a “market.” Read a PDF documents: Food marketing to children; Food marketing to children and youth overview. The worst part is that nothing is going to change unless we build up completely different, Resource Based Economy with abundance of healthy food for everyone, as presented in The Venus Project.

Bad Surprise LollipopsBad Surprise Lollipops

Bottom line. Easter Egg Surprise Lollipops bring very bad surprise by exposing your child to UNACCEPTABLE chemical risk of DDFI = 33/8 ~ 4 and providing essentially no nutritional value of DDFI = 8/37 ~ 0.2. Recently reviewed Valentine’s Day lollipop was just a little bit less toxic.  A better alternative would be Liberty Orchards candy which you can order online. Even better choice you can find right at your local Walmart: dried fruits!

Dried Fruits from WalmartDried Fruits from Walmart

But be careful, please read the ingredient lists anyway; sometimes they add Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 to dried papaya and mango. You and your family have a happy and healthy Easter!

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