American food is full of dyes, sugar, nasty chemicals and GMO that damage people’s health and life. That’s why I call it the <<dye diet>>. You cannot fix your health until you fix your diet! Dye Diet Calculator translates ingredient lists to Health Risk and Nutrition values so YOU can better decide what is good or bad for you in your diet, no matter what they state on labels.


EAT HEALTHY: Avoid chemicals and GMO!

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What does the DyeDiet Calculator do for you

What does the DyeDiet Calculator do for you (click to enlarge)

The simplest way to eat healthy is to fully avoid any processed food. This means that you have to routinely do two things:

  • – Buy whole raw food and
  • – Cook it for yourself.

However simple doesn’t always mean easy. In today’s world these usual daily tasks become increasingly unrealistic to accomplish for so many people. It’s nearly impossible to always avoid processed food and, perhaps even not always necessary. Therefore if we want to stay healthy or improve our health we need to clearly understand which processed food is safe and which isn’t. Obviously, understanding of chemical and toxicological properties of food ingredients is absolutely critical for success in achieving this goal.

The problem is that we have thousands of food additives in the American food supply and too many of them sound technically enough to not being understood by a majority of consumers. This poses one of the biggest obstacles on your way to a healthier life.

What the Dye Diet Calculator is?

  • The Dye Diet Calculator is an independent unbiased tool created by a professional chemist. It is also interactive tool which YOU may help developing
  • The Dye Diet Calculator is aimed at the very heart of the problem: Elimination of ingredient lists confusion in order to help consumers finding safer and healthier packed food. It also helps the consumers to practice precautionary principle.

Which problems the Dye Diet Calculator solves?

Chronic intoxicationIn terms of Health Risk values the Dye Diet Calculator indicates which food additives and products are better to avoid for prevention of health issues, especially as to the long-term effects and chronic intoxication. In terms of Nutritional Values it shows which food products are nutritious and safe to consume in moderation.

What does the Dye Diet Calculator do for you?

  • Analyzes ingredients
  • Calculates Health Risk and Nutrition values
  • Shows additives to avoid
  • Warns about possible GMO threats
  • Verifies other Food Rating Systems

YES, possible GMO threats are EXPOSED!

Possible GMO Threat

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Flashing warning signs of “Possible GMO Threat” indicate that the origin of certain ingredients implies presence of Genetically Modified proteins or/and DNA: Mostly those of corn and/or soy. For this reason even hidden GMO threats are exposed. Please note that there is no way of knowing for sure if GM ingredients are actually present in a product unless lab analysis is done. Furthermore, if label states that a product is GMO-free, then you may choose to discard our GMO warnings. Please note that ingredients like High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), soy lecithin, corn oil, etc., are incapable of carrying genetic changes and hence they are NOT considered as GMO threats. In addition, soy lecithin, for instance, is commonly used as an emulsifier in the amount of “less than 2%.” This certainly means that even if soy lecithin contains some residual GMO protein and DNA, the amours of genetically modified materials are quite miserable. Our body can tolerate many small deviations from the “ideal” and stay healthy and well-functioning. Too much fear doesn’t help.

Here is a list of ingredients which may pose GMO threat:

Canola, corn, soy, papaya, sugar beet, corn flour, corn meal, cottonseed, cheeses (American), cheese cultures, chymosin (enzyme found in rennet), hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed corn protein, maize flour, maize, papaya, soybean, soy grits, soy flour, soy protein, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy sauce solids, stone-ground corn meal, whole grain corn flour, whole grain cornmeal.

How the Dye Diet Calculator works?

  • Type-in a product name, choose your product from suggestions, see Health Risk and Nutritional values
  • If a product is NOT in the database, that’s when you may choose to co-create the Dye Diet Calculator by typing-in the product name and ALL the ingredients of your product and then hit “Calculate!” button to see Health Risk and Nutritional values
  • As you see, unlike other Food Rating Systems you will always get clear answers with regard to your food. All you need is ingredient list.

We are working hard on a number of improvements and increasing the product database. Please help us developing the Dye Diet Calculator by introducing at least one food product of your choice! Your help is highly appreciated!

And it is FREE for everybody!

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