Nehi Peach soda: Another swill for slaves

February 6, 2013 |
Nehi peach soda is a chemical cocktail of artificial color, preservatives and HFCS

I don’t know what Nehi soda was like back in 1924 when it was launched but today it is just another clone among dozens of copies with the same toxic ingredients that flooded American market. Only brand names and chemicals added for flavor are different; the content is essentially the same.

When I see “beverages” like this one on in stores I get mixing feelings like shame, humiliation and sadness. Shame because it’s disgraceful for manufacturer (Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., Plano, TX) to supply such a talentless and unhealthy swill to their fellow citizens, children especially. I feel humiliation because it is unworthy of a human to drink such a swill. I feel sadness because millions of Americans keep drinking it without realization that they are accepting slavery or worse: They pay their own money to destroy their own health. And health of this country is close to collapse. No health – no country. People, why are you giving up your health along with your country altogether?

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Nehi Peach soda: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Nehi Peach soda: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

How can anyone in clear mind choose to allow this ridiculous cocktail of anti-nutritious xenobiotic chemicals in to their blood and the blood of their CHILDREN?? I thought we are NOT prisoners of a Nazi camp sacrificed for chemical experimentation. No wonder, you have got badly high health risk of DDFI = 4.4 and close to zero Nutritional Value of DDNF = 0.15 by drinking “peachless” Nehi. You may have fun calculating these numbers yourself by playing with a trial version of the Dye Diet Calculator. Simply start typing-in the ingredients, add  and then hit “Calculate!”

I will give you $100 if you unequivocally prove that children and families of CEO and upper management of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., drink this liquid.

Food additives to avoid:

Bottom line. I never directly tell you what you should and what you shouldn’t buy or drink. I only give you information with references to sources. I measure artificial dye content for you thus uncover commercial secrets (see How Much Dyes Do We Drink?), so that YOU could make YOUR informed choice from which you and your family would benefit. Of course, you can clearly see my emotional opinion behind the text, which is that we cannot afford drinking a swill like Nehi if we are to pay respect to ourselves, let alone to care about our health. You can choose drinking mineral or purified water instead, without damaging human’s health and dignity. Hydrate yourself straight!


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  1. benamore says:

    The pH of Coke is 2.5, because of phosphoric acid. It can dissolve calcium from anything (including teeth, bones, and nails).

  2. benamore says:

    What? I would rather strangle myself with a rope than drink this chemical swill!

  3. rebelforlife says:

    This is still America, if you don’t like a product, don’t buy that product. I like Coca Cola, I like Nehi drinks and will continue to purchase them. Get a life, get over it, quit trying to force everyone to live life to your stupid standards. God bless America!

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Ha! America is very sick now and the country’s health keep going down… But this website is NOT about persuading anybody to do anything. This is about being informed. There is no freedom without true information. And with thousands of chemicals in the American food no one better than a chemist can explain what American people eat and drink. If after knowing all that you choose to destroy your health – I DO NOT CARE. I only give you the information plus, of course, my opinion. But final decision is YOURS – to stay a slave or to free yourself. So good luck!