Perrier Lime Mineral Water: The Perfect Hydration!

June 23, 2012 |

Every time want to I suggest a healthy alternative to many shamefully unhealthy American soft drinks, I refer to the mineral water from Perrier  or Pellegrino. Indeed, there is nothing better for hydration of your body, except, maybe pure natural source water. But Perrier makes wonder by presenting their lime-flavored version of the mineral water. Here it is in the DyeDiet risk and nutrition terms.


Perrier Lime Mineral Water: Risk and NutritionPerrier Lime Mineral Water: Risk and Nutrition

Of course, you will get zero chemical risk  DDFI = 0/2 = 0 and the expected low nutritional value DDNF = 2/4 = 0.5 that is just fine! What would you expect from the naturally flavored pure water? You expect cleanness and with Perrier Lime that’s exactly what you get. Let me tell you, I always keep a bottle or two of Perrier Lime in my fridge and drinking it is always unforgettably refreshing experience! Remember, this is your best ZERO calorie drink with NO drawbacks. Enjoy the hot summer time and hydrate yourself right!

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