Great Value Apple Juice: A good choice

July 18, 2012 |

Recently I have written a positive review for Capri Sun Flavored Juice Drink Blend. Yes, you can trust its label and, yes, it’s safe to drink it in moderation. But look at the DyeDiet diagram of Great Value 100% Apple Juice: It’s entirely green! This means that only nutrients are present in the product.


Great Value Apple Juice: Nutrition, No riskGreat Value Apple Juice: Nutrition, No risk

Indeed, although this juice is not a whole food, it is processed in a way that no artificial ingredients, including biochemically foreign food additives (would be red segments) or benign food additives (would be yellow segments) were added. Therefore, Great Value 100% Apple Juice gives you very low general risk DDRS = 5, but what is more important,  zero chemical risk DDFI = 0/5 = 0 and the infinite nutritional value DDNF = 5/0 = . Obviously, the latter needs a comment.

A special case. While zero chemical risk values are common for the products with no questionable food additives, the “infinite” nutrition value is an absurd. This is because the DyeDiet approach is designed to evaluate processed foods containing one or more non-nutritive food additives so when applied to a whole food or a fully nutritious processed food, its nutrition gauge points to sky heights and beyond. But even so, the trend is correct and understandable:” infinite” nutrition means that you don’t have to worry about any strange chemicals. Congratulations! Enjoy the Great Value apple juice!

Sugar content. The only thing you may want to pay attention to is your sugar intake. Sugar content in the Great Value apple juice is about the same as in the Coca-Cola Classic (~ 110 g/L): With every 8 FL OZ serving you will consume ~ 7 teaspoons (28 g) of sugar. While this is roughly only 1/80 of an average person’s lethal dose (that is ~ 30 g x 80 = 2400 g or ~ 2.5 Kg of sugar per person), health-damaging effects caused by consumption of too much sugar are well known. But please don’t fall into mistake of believing that “sugar is toxic” in general (watch a video, Sugar and Kids: The Toxic Truth). You can only make it toxic by eating it too much too often (video: Is Sugar Toxic?).

Bottom line. So Great Value 100% Apple Juice is a good choice. It’s good to remember, however, that any sweet drinks, juices included, are occasional treats like candy and not intended to replace pure water in our diet. Hydrate yourself right!

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