Capri Sun: You can trust the label

May 30, 2012 |

Capri Sun is a brand of flavored juice drink blend from concentrates originated from Germany and distributed in the US by Kraft Foods. Its origin may be the reason why it doesn’t contain any artificial food colorants you find in its infamous domestic relative, Kool-Aid. Furthermore, the drink’s label is NOT totally misleading: Strawberry-Kiwi flavored drink is actually made from strawberry and apple (although not kiwi!) juice concentrates, 10% combined. Not so much? Yes, Capri Sun juice drink blend is mostly water but what is important, no toxic food additives are added (no red segments in the DyeDiet risk and nutrition diagram below).


Capri Sun Strawberry Kiwi:  Risk and NutritionCapri Sun Strawberry Kiwi:  Risk and Nutrition

Therefore, Capri Sun gives you zero chemical risk DDFI = 0/15 = 0 and good nutritional value DDNF = 15/8 ~ 1.9. Sugar content is about the same as in the Coca-Cola Classic: With every 11.2 FL OZ pouch you will consume ~ 8 teaspoons (33 g) of sugar in the form of HFCS (10% by weight). While 30 g of sugar is roughly only ~ 1/80 of the lethal dose for an average adult person (that is ~ 30 g x 80 = 2400 g or ~ 2.5 Kg), health-devastating effects of consumption too much sugar are well known. So it’s always good to remember that soft drinks are occasional treats like candy and not intended to replace pure water in your diet. Hydrate yourself right!

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