Kool-Aid Outrage

June 2, 2011 |

The Kraft Foods contribution into the future of the USA

Children are our future. Their health, education and wellbeing should be the nation’s number-one priority. Do you agree? Now see what Kraft Foods has to contribute with.

Kool-Aid Bursts of Kraft Foods

Kool-Aid Bursts of Kraft Foods

What exactly does Kool-Aid Man “bursting through the walls” bring to our children’s homes? “Oh, yeah!”  Today it is Cherry and Grape Kool-Aid Bursts, six 6.75 FL OZ (200 mL) bottles; net 40.5 FL OZ (1.2 L) for only $0.99 a pack. Well, this is what you pay for 3 gallons (12 L!) of good quality filtered water at Walmart store. Let us ask the red-faced mascot a few questions.

DyeDiet: Hey, Kool-Aid Man, wait a minute. Tell us what it is in your drinks that make them 10 times more valuable than pure water.

Kool-Aid Man: Well, I have something cool for you, little American boys and girls. Here ya go! Look what is in our livestock feeder:

Kool_Aid livestock feeder

Yummy! Isn’t it?

DyeDiet: No, this list of chemicals does not seem appetizing to me. Wait, I don’t see the cherries and grapes. Where are they?

Kool-Aid Man: Oh, man, don’t be so naive… we eat them ourselves.

DyeDiet: But what about American children?  Are there any natural leftovers in your drink for them?

Kool-Aid Man: Well, we see the children as a market (see Food marketing to children and youth ). We offer them cute cards to cut out and collect instead.

DyeDiet: Listen, the ingredients of your “cherry” and “grape” are absolutely identical. Is there any difference?

Kool-Aid Man: Well, let me tell you how it works. We play a game with our customers. We call it “We’re kool, you’re fool.”  To fool children and their parents about cherries we mix benzaldehyde and acetophenone, the artificial flavors, with 42 mg of Red 40 and a tiny bit of Blue 1 in every bottle. To make them think of grapes we add different artificial flavor, methyl anthranilate, 1/10 the amount of Red 40 and 14-fold the amount of Blue 1. While methyl anthranilate (see  Acute Toxicity of Methyl Anthranilate) is also a bird repellent (see Methyl anthranilate as a repellent) we don’t hesitate to feed it to YOUR children. All that makes big difference in children’s health.

Artificial flavors

That’s it! Simple stupid, isn’t it? And they pay well for this too!

DyeDiet: Get lost, red-faced mascot!

Food dyes detected in the Kool_Aid Bursts

Look, people, this is not funny at all. While the most of the above chemicals have low acute toxicity (grams per kilo of the body weight) no one can tell you what are the long-term health effects associated with their regular consumption. Look at the US health stats.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services report:

“Between 1997–1999 and 2007–2009, the percentage of children with respondent-reported food allergies increased from 3% to 5%, and the percentage with skin allergies increased from 7% to 11%. The prevalence of reported skin allergies among children was twice as high as that of food allergies. Children with food allergies were more likely to have asthma and other allergies”

Why should we allow the food industry to use our children as the laboratory animals? Read the CSPI report Diet, ADHD and Behavior.

Kool-Aid Risk Score, DDRS ~ 63

This sweetened water with a bunch of wasteful chemicals has only TWO nutrients: water and HFCS. And the latter is one of the most troublesome nutrients. Sucralose is a low calory artificial sweetener (see A Role of Sweet Taste), a chlorinated sugar with unknown long-term health effects. Kool-Aid fans and fooled buyers get incredibly high foreign additive health risk, DDFI = 45/7 ~ 6.4 and the approaching to zero nutritional value, DDNF = 7/56 ~ 0.1. A product is a food as much as it is nutritional. This one is not.

Kool Aid Risk Score Diagram

There is only one reason I can see to explain why there are over a million of the Kool-Aid likers on Facebook: They simply have NO idea of WHAT exactly they swallow. Kool-Aid Bursts should be priced way below the price of the filtered water ($1/3 gallons) because it must be purified before the consumption. Not only are Kool-Aid Bursts anti-nutritional products targeted on children, their very presence in the stores is shameful for the food manufacturer and humiliating for the American public.

Let us vote the Kool-Aid Bursts (and the like) out of the stores by not buying them!

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  1. Thanks for this article! I am writing about how to make small diet changes. I included switching from Kool-Aid and soda to 100% fruit juice and tea. I added a link to this in my blog post.

  2. Max Molyneux says:

    You need some studies to back up your claims that these products are harmful in ordinary quantities. Everything we consume and inhale consists of chemicals, some with longer names than others. Human defense mechanisms, gastrointestinal tracts, livers and kidneys are generally able to tolerate these chemicals.

  3. benamore says:

    Thanks, DyeDiet! I will switch to 100% fruit juice and tea.

  4. Kool-aid man says:

    Kool-aid is da shiz broski

  5. Hey There says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could
    do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other
    than that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read.
    I’ll certainly be back.

  6. Carson Krainiak says:

    I think your nonsense is filled with lies! I drink plenty of Kool Aid and I turned out just fine! So come at me bro! Do you even lift? Exactly my point! Kool Aid actually lengthens life. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Lies, really? You see the FACTS and reference links in the article, don’t you? What do you mean exactly? Prove it before making empty statements. I have NEVER said that Kool-Aid kills you instantaneously; it, perhaps, kills you slowly, with its metabolites (benzidines, anilines, etc,..) penetrating your brain and other organs affecting them NOT in a way you think they do; so wait a bit and good luck with your healthy life!

  7. Matt says:

    Me”Hey Kool aid!”
    Kool aid:*Breaks down wall*”OH YEAH!!!”
    Me:*Smashes legs off*
    Kool aid:”OH NOOO.”
    Me:That is for poisoning kids for years you sick bastard.

  8. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Glenn says:

    My granddaughter came to live with me and her grandma 3 years ago. She drank lots of koolaid and injested mass quantities of artificial dyes and flavors not to mention the level of sugar consumption in her previous home. She couldn’t focus nor speak clearly. She had headaches and had high anxiety. We immediately put her on a diet restrictive of sugar, artificial colors and flavors. We introduced organic foods in natural forms, not so much processed foods. We saw an immediate change. When she went to visit her dad on weekends he would pump her full of the koolaid like her mom had previous to coming to live with us. She came home bouncing off the walls, slurring, anxiety ridden, angry and asking for more koolaid once like an addict. We would say no and she would freak out. We had to give her water for a couple hours then try to reason with her while she came down off the koolaid high. She tells us time and time again, before fully realizing its impact on her, that it made her brain feel like it was foggy, racing and crazy. She finally decided to just say no to the koolaid on the visits herself since her father refused to heed our requests for her best interests. We taught her to be informed through knowledge. Now she reads labels and won’t touch anything with artificial anything or much sugar. She’s only 7 years old and if she can figure this out with the help of adult guidance and be Leary so can adults if they listen to their bodies.
    In my opinion, anyone who supplies this product to their child isn’t being as respectful to the child’s possibilities for a better quality of life. The effects it has long-term will probably never be fully proven but you can guarantee that if you want to live a more healthy lifestyle you will choose not to include this in yours or your child’s diet.