Lollipop Bouquet of Harm

January 28, 2012 |

Food that hates you. Can food kill a healthy person, what do you think? Looks like, yes, food can kill you for a number of reasons. Overeating is one of them: Even healthiest food may bring you damage when overly consumed. The other one is continuous eating of an unhealthy food: A chronic intoxication may occur. DyeDiet’s efforts are focused predominately on informing you about the second aspect. No one unaware should be tricked into buying any food containing nutritionally useless or even harmful chemical additives. It is in our own best preventive interests to stop eating any food containing additives about which the governmental agencies say something like this: “there is insufficient evidence of a causal link between a food additive and the ailment.”  Artificial colorants belong to this category. There are no pre-market clinical trials for the food additives, so by eating the stuff you “volunteer” offering your body for the long-term toxicology experiment like as if you are a laboratory rodent, with no compensation. Those who are unaware have no choice but you do, because you are informed about what is going on. Then you can quit.

Here is Lollipop Bouquet Cherry made in China with love in mind. Make no mistake, with love for money, not for you. Artificial flavor and artificial colorant are reserved for you instead. You will not find cherry neither.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Lollipop Bouquet Cherry:  Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Lollipop Bouquet Cherry: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Every lollipop is simply 8 g of chemically contaminated corn sugar. Therefore you will take high risk of DDFI = 16/9 ~ 2 coming from two hostile chemicals (red segments in the diagram) and miserable nutritional value of DDNF = 9/20 ~ 0.5 supplied to you with sugar (green segments). I clearly realize that licking these dirt-cheap candies may be fun but would you lick dirt? These candies are just another push towards teeth damage, diabetes, allergies, cancers and mental illness like ADHD. Why to lick your way to all this? While the detected Red 40  content is only 1.5 mg per lollipop, remember that sometimes a few milligrams of an artificial colorant is enough to trigger an illness in a sensitive person (see page 7 of the CSPI document Diet, ADHD and Behavior).

This is why I say that this stupid Lollipop Bouquet hates you. It wants you to die younger after spending all your money on your medical bills and dentists. Seriously, a bouquet of radishes would serve as more appropriate symbol of love and health to please your loved one!

A bouquet of radishes

A bouquet of radishes

Lovely alternatives. As always, a better alternative is waiting for you on the next shelf or aisle. It may not be dirt-cheap but if you agree that you need food, not dirt then here it is: chocolates! You may want to choose Ferrero dark chocolate with almonds for $3.48; Russell Stover assorted chocolate for $5 or Whitman’s sampler of fine chocolates for $3.

A selection of chocolates

A selection of chocolates at Walmart

They are not perfect for they contain vanillin artificial flavor but it is not an anonymous one and we know that it is safe. I do hope this report helps to make a less risky choice for you and your loved ones. With all best wishes of health, love and healthy love!

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