The right choice: Jelly Belly Snapple beans

November 19, 2012 |

The overwhelming majority of candies you can buy for your child in the American grocery stores is nothing more than mixtures of sugar and starch chemically colored with artificial food dyes. However there is no any reason that the candies in America should be that primitive and potentially health damaging, except quick and, sometimes, dishonest profiting. Whole Foods Market is a big bright example of the opposite approach. Also I have gladly recommended Sunkist Fruit Gems candy, a healthy confection product of fruitful cooperation between Sunkist Growers and Jelly Belly Candy Company. Today I would like to recommend another newest example of the kind: Jelly Belly Snapple candy beans.


Jelly Belly Snapple beans: Risk and NutritionJelly Belly Snapple beans: Risk and Nutrition

It is still moistly sugar and starch but look at the green DyeDiet risk and nutrition diagram: They have used 9 juices and purees and 8 fruit sources for natural coloring (see the segments between citric acid and confectioner’s glaze). Some of the natural colors used in the candy are listed below:

Hence you can fearlessly treat your children to Jelly Belly Snapple beans! The chances of allergic or other adverse health reaction are low. By choosing these candies you will not expose your loved ones to the chemical risks typical for many other candies; DDFI = 0/44 = 0.  Also, good nutritional value of DDNF = 44/22 = 2 is what you and your child deserve. Enjoy nutritious Jelly Belly Snapple beans candy but please keep in mind that every serving of 35 beans (a half of 3.1 OZ bag) supplies 7 teaspoons of sugar. That’s what a candy is all about: sweetness.

Bottom line. While dried fruits are often better choice than any candy, yes, it is possible to design and make candy without disruptive xenobiotic chemicals like the artificial food colors and still make a profit! This is another good example of how a food product can be beneficial for the both parties: manufacturers and consumers. Our children’s health and our future depend on our today’s food choices.

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