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June 6, 2012 |

Sometimes I hear from my readers: “Why do you look for nutrients in candy? Everyone knows they are artificial.” I disagree on the both points: 1. Candy can and should be nutritious; 2. Too many people are misled by fruity pictures on the labels. So what the nutritious candy looks like? Here is one example from Whole Foods Market, Gourmet Gumdrops:


Gumdrops: Risk and NutritionGumdrops: Risk and Nutrition

Nutrition. The DyeDiet risk and nutrition diagram is half-green and you don’t see red segments representing artificial food colorants or other unwelcome food additives. Accordingly, the Gumdrops bring you zero chemical risk DDFI = 0/19 = 0 and fairly good nutritional value DDNF = 19/18 ~ 1. Instead of health damaging food dyes Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6 and Blue1 (read PDF files Behavior, Learning and Health: The Dietary Connection and Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks) the Gumdrops come colored with nutritious natural vegetable and fruit colors:

All-natural flavors include: pomegranate, acai, grapefruit, meyer lemon, key lime and tangerine.

Price. Sounds good, hah? Go ahead; buy it for just $5.99 an 18 OZ bag! Ouch! Artificially flavored and colored Spice Drops of Walmart go by $1 for 14 OZ or ~ 1/5 price of the Gumdrops! Even taking into account high cost of the natural colors Gourmet Gumdrops seems too pricy. But this shouldn’t turn you back to the chemically contaminated sugar. There is always good news in the dark side.

Your choice. Look, instead of buying and eating 5 bags of artificially colored candies from Walmart you will consume 5 times less sugar and no chemical contaminants if you buy only 1 bag of 39 candies from Whole Foods Market. Eating 2 – 3 big candies a day will allow you to enjoy your sweet life for 13 – 19 days which is not bad. Candies and sodas should be consumed in very small amounts anyway! You will also save on your medical bills later. So make your informed free choice!

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  1. benamore says:

    The reason why an item from Whole Foods costs at least $4.99 is because you have to pay extra for the high quality food & guaranteed safety. This is also another reason to eat less.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Excellent comment, especially as to the notion that more expensive food may produce a positive health effect… However, I have to speculate that there is another bigger reason why almost everything you can buy at Whole Foods Market is more expensive than an equivalent from Walmart: This is the way healthy resellers stay afloat in the deadly COMPETITION. I am sure they wish to slash the prices but they cannot. Therefore they rely on the pool of highly dedicated consumers who deny everything but healthy food and drink for which they are happy to pay more.