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October 6, 2012 |

I am not sure about you, but am sick and tired of marketing lies and gimmicks that have become a common practice in the US food industry. Perhaps IZZE Fortified represents one of the few pleasant exceptions. Therefore when the other day I have stumbled upon a shelf stacked with Honest Ade organic thirst quencher, the explicitly moral name did not dissolve my distrust. I wanted to check if the name honestly reflects the content. See below what I have dug out after scrupulously checking the list of ingredients and the nutrition facts.


Honest Ade: Risk and NutritionHonest Ade: Risk and Nutrition

Good news is that the DyeDiet diagram it is more green (nutrients) than yellow (benign food additives) and no xenobiotic chemicals (red segments) are added to the drink. For this reason a bottle of Honest Ade Pomegranate Blue will not put you at chemical risk: DDFI = 0/20 = 0 and you will receive moderate nutritional charge of DDNF = 20/8 = 1.2 including real fruit juices from concentrates and only 6 teaspoons of sugar (“Just a Tad Sweet”). This is twice less than 11 teaspoons you would drink with a bottle of Coca-Cola classic and much more with many other drinks. Enjoy Honest Ade!

Organic Thirst Quencher is the key claim on the label. Other claims are: “No caffeine” and “No GMOs means that we don’t use ingredients produced by biotechnology.” Well, there is nothing wrong with using biotechnology like fermentation which is basic process behind production of wines, vinegars, cheeses, yogurts, breads etc., for thousands of years. What we don’t want in our food are the products of reckless bioengineering which can lead to dangerous unpredictable consequences.

Yes, the beverage is USDA certified but you should not expect too much from a drink which is made of 90% water and only 10% juice anyway, especially after acquisition of the company by Coca-Cola in 2011. More Coca-Cola means more monopoly, less freedom of choice and less honesty. For these reasons a bashful claim in petite font that the beverage is a “blend of four organic juices from concentrate & other ingredients” sounds misleading to me because it is purified water that is the overwhelming main ingredient, not juices. Therefore this claim is only 10% honest. In my opinion, to be fully honest they should have to put Honest Ade into naturally flavored water category.

Bottom line. Nevertheless, Honest Ade Pomegranate Blue is an excellent moderately sweetened drink composed with naturally derived ingredients, flavors and colors and, therefore, is safe for regular moderate consumption. Please remember, however, that purified water is what your body really needs when you feel thirsty. Ten percent of added concentrates and sugar needed only to tickle your imagination. Hydrate yourself straight!

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  1. benamore says:

    I used to drink Gatorade at school, but I decided to stop drinking it and drink 100% juice in a box instead. My school sells Gatorade bottles.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      You know, the truth is that schools often sell the foodstuff based on revenue NOT based on its nutritional value.
      Schools are often pushed by big manufacturers to sign long-term contracts to sell whatever they want to the children, Gatorade, for instance. In such cases schools get part of the profit and the children are duped to believe that Gatorade is an electrolyte and a stylish “sport” drink which is “obviously” good for you. Thus the powerful big corporations shape the consumers taste and secure their market for decades to come… This is sad. Again, I do consider the situation is very alike a sort of slavery. By choosing a healthy drink or food you set yourself free of this systemic crap. Well done!