365 Cola: Too much sugar

August 15, 2012 |

I have recently recommended Lemon Lime All Natural soda from Whole Foods Market. Too much sugar (6 teaspoons per 240 ml) was the only concern to keep in mind. Here is another all natural soda, 365 Cola, containing even more sugar – 11 teaspoons per can of 354 ml (7.5 teaspoons per 240 ml). But the point is, the soda is otherwise non-toxic, provided that you control your sugar intake. It’s still a liquid candy!


365 Cola: Risk and Nutrition365 Cola: Risk and Nutrition

As you can see, the DyeDiet diagram doesn’t contain red segments. Good! This means that the drink contains NO xenobiotic chemicals.

While water and cane sugar are the only nutrients (green segments), the rest four yellow segments represent not harmful (benign) food additives like citric and tartaric acids and natural cola nut flavor. For these reasons, you will take zero chemical risk of DDFI = 0/6 = 0. However, make no mistake, there are no nutritional benefits of drinking 365 Cola: DDNF = 6/17 ~ 0.4. This is non-toxic but non-nutritional beverage neither.

By the way, chemists have developed an easy way to find out if a cola flavor is natural or not. A naturally flavored beverage does contain certain proteins whereas artificially flavored doesn’t. At this point I simply trust the Whole Foods Market.

Another question to ask: Is caramel color from cane sugar manufactured with different technology which doesn’t produce carcinogenic side-products? I hope so. But, again, for now I do trust Whole Foods Market. I will ask these questions and let you know the outcome.

Bottom line. All natural 365 Cola is likely produced with no harmful ingredients in it. However because of high sugar content, this is YOUR responsibility to watch your sugar intake. Like any other sweets 365 Cola is a treat you can occasionally indulge yourself. Please remember, any soda is NOT a water substitute in your diet! Hydrate yourself right!

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  1. ERS says:

    Whole Foods Market never claimed to be a health food store. Even natural and organic foods can easily be unhealthy. This is a soda, what do you expect to be in it? They also carry several other carbonated drinks that contain no sugar and sugar alternatives (LaCroix and Zevia for example). It’s NOT the manufacturers or the governmets or the retailers job to make the consumers decisions. Everything is clearly listed on the label, everyone is free to read it and make their own decisions on whether to drink it or not.

  2. DyeDiet says:

    I know what Whole Foods Market’s core values are. I expect no artificial dyes, no lies and less sugar.

  3. benamore says:

    In my all natural clear “cola” I’m selling, it also has vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and E. It will be called “Au Naturale Cola”. The product is available in 8 oz cans, 12 oz cans, 20 oz bottles, 1 L bottles, 1.25 L bottles, 2 L bottles, and 3 L bottles. The label will have a green honeycomb design with leaves and will say “Perfect for: parties · school · church”. I put this on the label because it is perfect for parties, school refreshment, and church dinner.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Yes, this is good. By the way, would you like to write “your story” of your choice to be shared at the Dye Diet?
      My guess is that you have something that might be of interest to the readers. What you say?

  4. benamore says:

    Sometimes stevia has artificial preservatives. Example: Nevella Stevia To Go (stevia2go.com) has sodium benzoate in it. Sodium benzoate is needed to make a shelf stable liquid extract. If you want real stevia, buy dry powdered stevia.