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June 20, 2012 |

Some time ago I have reviewed SoBe zero calorie punch which, however, I couldn’t recommend to you because it did contain a questionable food additive. This time I am happy to recommend SoBe Lifewater Pacific Coconut Coconut Water, low calorie beverage composed with no strange chemicals (no red segments in the DyeDiet risk diagram). What you taste are only nutrients (green) and benign food additives (yellow).


SoBe Lifewater: Risk and NutritionSoBe Lifewater: Risk and Nutrition

This green and yellow diagram indicates that with SoBe Coconut Water you will enjoy zero chemical risk DDFI = 0/15 = 0 and fairly good nutritional value DDNF = 15/16 ~ 0.9. Sugar content is as low as 20 g per whole bottle (compare with Coca-Cola Classic: 55 g). The sweetness you get also from Reb A nature-derived non-caloric sugar substitute extracted from stevia plant.

Potassium chloride as an electrolyte. Note, potassium chloride is included as a nutrient (green segment) whereas sea salt (mostly sodium chloride, salt  is categorized, as always, as a benign (somewhat useful) non-nutrient food additive (yellow segment). The reason behind is that while Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for potassium (4.7 g) is twice the RDI for sodium  (2.3 g), the abundance of the latter in our diet is so much higher that it causes a variety of health problems.

Furthermore, despite Coconut  Water contains twice the amount of potassium (5% RDI in the whole 20 OZ, 0.6 L bottle) you find in Gatorade, the fake electrolyte, SoBe doesn’t even mention word “electrolyte” on the bottle. Why? Perhaps because South Beach Beverage Company is honest with you and because the potassium content is still rather low: You will have to drink 0.6L x 20 = 12 L that is 12/3.8 ~ 3 gallons a day (!) to replenish 100% of your daily potassium. Note that even less than 2 gallons of pure water is deadly  for the most of us if drank within ~ 4 hours.

Bottom line. Based on the above consideration I am gladly agree with another honest representation on the bottle of SoBe Lifewater Coconut Water: “Hydration with Coconut Water.” I have tried and I want to add: The hydration is right! You can safely enjoy hydration with SoBe Coconut Water too.

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  1. Roger says:

    I am relatively new to your site, and I have to say that it has been rather eye-opening. I’m one of those people who -in the course of a normal day- could easily consume at least 2 Monster Lo-Carb drinks, and several Diet Cokes. In fact, the amount of actual WATER I was getting on a daily basis was next to nil. Needless to say, I started getting heart palpitations on a regular basis, and my blood pressure was beginning to skyrocket. I’ve always had normal to even slightly low BP. Regardless, it was alarming enough to prompt a visit to the Dr. I work out (weight training) almost daily, so as a very healthy 6′, 180 lb, 47yr old man, these heart palpitations were extremely alarming. For the last week, I’ve made a concious effort to eschew Monster drinks, and limit my soda intake to no more than one or two cans a day. So instead of heading to the soda machine throughout the afternoon while at work, I grab a Lifewater. I’ve drank Lifewater (Fuji Apple/Pear) off and on for awhile, and quite like it. Today, after reading your review of Sobe Lifewater Pacific Coconut, I have to say that I’ve found a new favorite flavor, it is absolutely delicious! Thanks for the great information and such a great review of this product.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Roger, thank you for the comment and sharing your story! I am glad to learn that you were able to get out of the CAFFEINATED (and so potentially dangerous) beverages drinking habit.

  2. Burrell says:

    Upon finding this beverage, I was able to get off my 2-3 diet drinks a day habit. This stuff is so soothing and satifying.

    Here is my favorite way to drink it: I mix 2 parts of this drink with one part ONE coconut water, shake it up, and then let it freeze into a slush. ONE is a great product as well, but it costs almost 5 times as much as the Sobe and it really makes a more affordable, delicious slushy drink. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t drink 3-4 of these……

    Thanks again for the review and information.