Mott’s for Tots: A Real Fruit Punch!

February 18, 2012 |

Domestic “food terrorism”

Obviously there are two distinct concepts of ‘how to run business’ operate in the American food industry. One exploits an immoral idea of profiting from blatant lies to the American public. The other one proudly stands for running business in honest way so that the both sides, the businesses and the public (you) mutually benefit from. The latter one helps to strengthen overall heath of the Nation whereas the former one heavily contributes into destruction of health and the future of this country, particularly when they aggressively marketing to children and youth (Food marketing to children and youth). For these reasons the dishonest food manufacturers and their products (e. g., see Everfresh, SunnyD, Kool-Aid, Pedialyte and other “fruit fraud“), should be considered as dangerous as domestic terrorism and should be boycotted and rejected by the informed customers.

Finally, a true fruit punch

After frustration of writing a number of negative reviews about fake fruit punches, finally, here is a silver line of hope. I am delighted to report that Mott’s for Tots fruit punch, produced by Mott’s LLP (Plano, TX 75024), is a real fruity beverage with low caloric load, no artificial colorants, preservatives and only 13 g of sugar per 200 ml box. Enjoy Mott’s for Tots naturally flavored 53% juice blend beverage!


Motts for Tots Fruit Punch: Risk and Nutrition

Mott's for Tots Fruit Punch: Risk and Nutrition

Look at the DyeDiet risk diagram: there are no questionable chemicals hostile to human biology (no red segments), 1 benign food additive (yellow segment) and 8 nutrients (green segments)! I am happy to assure you that every carton of Mott’s for Tots will bring you ZERO chemical risk DDFI = 0/13 = 0 and will give you a robust nutrition charge of  DDNF = 13/4 ~ 3.25. Excellent! This is a great example of the American food industry business concept to follow. No lies, no gimmicks, no latent “domestic food terrorism” and moral hazards!

All you read on the box is true: 40% Less Sugar than 100% apple juice. Mott’s brings the best of the orchard to families so that they can enjoy delicious fruit goodness every day. Since 1842 we’ve been dedicated to giving moms easy ways to help their families be their very best.

I hope this brief report helps to make healthier food and drink choices for you and your loved ones! Again, enjoy Mott’s for Tots fruit punch!

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