Langers Fruit Punch with Red 40

February 5, 2012 |

Here is another fruit punch. This is a “Blend of Three Juices from Concentrate” produced with “no high fructose corn syrup” by Langers (CA, USA). From reading on the back of the label you find out that the beverage contains 15 % of juice, 56 g of sugar and an artificial food colorant, azo dye Red 40. Our analysis revealed that the dye content is rather high, 40 mg per bottle. This is just a little bit lower than what we have found in the previously reviewed Everfresh fruit punch.

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Langers Fruit Punch: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Langers Fruit Punch: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Langers fruit punch would be safe to drink in moderation if the manufacturer decided not to add Red 40 colorant (red segment in the risk diagram above). All the rest are benign food additives (3 yellow segments; e. g. see Ester gum of rosin) and nutrients (7 green segments). Because Red 40 is the only biologically foreign chemical added, you will take moderate chemical risk of DDFI = 10/16 ~ 0.6 that is rather low. However nutritional value of this fruit punch remains as low as that of Everfresh; DDNF = 16/23 ~ 0.7.

Regular consumption of Red 40 and other artificial food colorants may be responsible for growth of behavioral problems in American children and adults  (See also: Lingering Shortage of ADHD Drugs). This has led to over-medication of so many American children. Unfortunately, parents often do not realize that many learning and behavior problems begin in your grocery cart! If you watch a small piece of  this video The Medicated Child  from 10 to 12 min, you will see a 6 year old boy on multiply medications for his ADHD and bipolar disorder (Bipolar disorder in children and teens: Parents guide) eating unhealthy fast food and drinking Gatorade with Blue 1 colorant and other pesky chemicals in it. No wonder that the boy’s health is not improving! Rather than drugging of our children with psychotropic pills we, first of all, have to provide them with healthy food and drinks. For example, this Langers Fruit Punch is not recommended because even smaller dosages of the artificial food colorants may trigger behavioral reactions (See: Diet, ADHD and Behavior and Behavior, Learning and Health: The Dietary Connection).

Better choices. The right choice is simple: three gallons of filtered water at Walmart for $1.30 or Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water for $1.50. Anyway, you can sort out any beverages where you see artificial food colorants in the ingredient lists. Why take chances of triggering mental health problems in your child or yourself? Please stand for a healthy American diet and the healthy future of this country!

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