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December 17, 2011 |

When I asked a local bakery owner how many ingredients are in his breads he answered: Five or six… Yes! That was exactly what I was looking for!  Indeed, if you want to find healthy bread, simply count the number of ingredients and reject anything where ingredient list exceeds, let say, 12 items. Do not give up if there is no small local bakery nearby. As a second choice, you can find nutritious bread even at Walmart. Here is what I have discovered for you.

Rubschlager Cocktail Rye Bread, 100% Whole Grain is not a pure rye bread. In accord with American tradition this one is “a cocktail” of wheat and rye flours which makes it lighter than pure rye bread.


Cocktail Rye Bread: Risk and Nutrition

Cocktail Rye Bread: Risk and Nutrition

This is a kind of staple food nations survived on while devastating wars of the last century: only 3 small slices of it (31 g) deliver 70 calories or total 1023 calories from the whole bread. So you have to watch your calorie intake or simply do adequate amount of physical and mental work. But rye bread contains large amount of fiber and not create high spikes in blood sugar as white bread and other breads do. So this is your healthy choice, if eaten in moderation!

This Cocktail Rye Bread is baked with total 12 ingredients, 10 of which are nutrients (green segments) and 2 are benign food additives (yellow segments). No hostile xenobiotic chemicals  were used (no red segments in the diagram). Therefore with Rubschlager Cocktail Rye Bread you will take zero risk associated with the foreign food additives, DDFI = 0/25 = 0 and you will get very good nutritional load of DDNF = 25/8 ~ 3.

The main 6 ingredients are: whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, water, canola oil, yeast and salt. By the way, here is toxicological information (section 11 of  Sodium chloride MSDS) for table salt (sodium chloride).

The extra 6 ingredients are:

People often argue that long list of ingredients is what we need for extended shelf life. This is true, but shelf life is not what our body needs to survive. What is the sense of having 42 ingredients in Lofthouse cookies, two thirds of which (27) are non-nutrients? In the world filled up with a variety of the life forms like microbes, bacteria, fungi, etc. food is always in demand and therefore it is perishable. If you can keep those cookies or Twizzlers opened for years with no sign of degradation, then maybe it is not a food. Another example: Great Value White Sandwich Bread for $1.25 per 1 LB 8 OZ (689 g) which is baked with over 30 ingredients and additives.

Ingredients of Great Value White Sandwich  Bread

Ingredients of Great Value White Sandwich Bread for $1.25 per 1 LB 8OZ (680 g)

Yes, this chemical conglomerate is cheap and maybe it can be stored forever but then it may not be defined as bread. So please make your informed right choice: Eat Food, Not Food Additives! And have a Healthy Merry Christmas!

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