Fuze Mixed Berry: Go Green!

September 18, 2011 |

Looks like at least some US manufacturers start to respond to growing consumer’s demand for healthy food and beverages. This may well be the result of increasing awareness of the American public of potentially harmful health effects that artificial coloring (see CSPI document Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks) and other questionable food additives may cause.

Recently we have reviewed Arizona Fruit Punch and Xingtea non-carbonated soft drinks. Here is another healthy drink, FUZE Mixed Berry, naturally flavored beverage with other natural flavors blended with Vitamins A, C, E and B6. It is naturally colored too! Thanks to Fuze Beverage LLC ! Look at the Fuze’s risk diagram; it is mostly green (nutrients), a little yellow (friendly food additives) and there are no red segments (any foreign food additives, xenobiotic chemicals):


Fuze Mixed Berry: Risk and Nutrition

Fuze Mixed Berry: Risk and Nutrition

While apple juice is the only main juice ingredient with all the rest below 0.5% of the content, with a serving of the Fuze (whole 0.5 L bottle) you get low general food risk of DDRS = 43, zero foreign additive risk, DDFI = 0, very good nutritional value of DDNF = 32/11 ~ 3 and 45 g of sugars. Good! Its flavor reminds the one of Arizona Fruit Punch which has similar risk and nutrition scores with a little lower DDRS = 35.

Let me remind you here meaning of the general risk score. The higher DDRS number the lower should be the amount you consider as moderate food consumption. In other words we have to be more cautious when consuming nutritious food or drinks with higher DDRS scores. However, in the DyeDiet approach difference between DDRS = 43 and 35 is small enough so that the both beverages are about equally safe to consume. We are not talking here about products that have foreign food additives (red segments in the diagram); those are NOT recommended for consumption at all.

Bottom line. Please remember that soft drinks are NOT intended to replace pure water in your diet.  Instead, taking into account how much sugar do they typically contain it would be correct to consider them more like desserts or treats.  Hence, it is safe to drink Fuze Mixed Berry in moderation. Enjoy!

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