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September 3, 2011 |

Arizona Fruit Punch was the first time in years that I came across a fruit punch which was NOT the “fruit fraud.” Congratulations! Looks like YOURS and our humble efforts help making healthy shift in the US food industry. Indeed, it all depends on us, the consumers. If we choose to stop buying products containing toxic food additives (red segments in the DyeDiet diagram), the food industry will stop making them. Take a look at Arizona Fruit Punch with all natural flavors:


Arizona Fruit Punch: Risk and Nutrition

Arizona Fruit Punch: Risk and Nutrition

The diagram is mostly green (nutrients) with only two yellow segments (friendly food additives)! For $0.99 you get:

  • Low general risk of DDRS = 35,
  • ZERO foreign additive risk DDFI = 0/27 ~ 0,
  • Very good nutritional value DDNF = 27/8 ~ 3.4 and
  •  25 g of sugars per 8 OZ (240 ml) serving

Good! Definitely, you can drink this punch in moderation without jeopardizing your and your children’s health. Please remember, however, that any sugary beverages are NOT intended to substitute your daily pure water intake. Those are fun drinks and our food should not be fun only. Most of the time, we must be pretty serious about what we swallow. Also note that while High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a nutrient (see educational video), elevated fructose content may help cancers to proliferate.  Here is another all natural beverage, Xingtea Green Tea with peach, pure cane sugar and honey instead:


Xingtea green tea: Risk and Nutrition
Xingtea green tea: Risk and Nutrition

Its risk diagram is even greener due to not adding of natural flavors. Indeed, why to add flavors if natural ingredients bring their own natural ones? So with this green tea beverage you get:

  • Even lower general risk of DDRS = 23
  • ZERO foreign additive risk DDFI = 0/19 ~ 0,
  • Very good nutritional value DDNF = 19/4 ~ 4.8 and
  •  No HFCS and less sugar of 16 g per 8 OZ (240 ml) serving.

Bottom line: Obviously because of the above benefits Xingtea Green Tea is a bit safer and more nutritious than Arizona Fruit Punch. I have tried both of them and found the fruit punch seemed to taste somewhat “artificially flavored” despite it was not. And I have really enjoyed the peachy Xingtea Green Tea. Give a try, see what YOU like better.

Make YOUR informed free choice, hydrate yourself right!

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  1. Kevin Smith says:

    XingTea has a bunch of excellent tea flavors, and apparently they have recently started selling juice drinks as well. I have not tried the juice/punch yet, but have tried almost all their tea flavors, and they are EXCELLENT! I was a big Arizona tea fan until I discovered XingTea, and how much fresher it tastes. I recommend them highly!

  2. Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for this great
    post, This was exactly the thing I needed to read!!!