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NatuReplica All Natural Deodorant 48 h Endurance 10 ml roll on

<<Are you looking for a human-friendly deodorant?>>

Try NatuReplica <<EDIBLE>> deodorant!

NatuReplica opens new generation of deodorants which combines gentleness of natural and effectiveness of the most powerful deodorants on the market. It is designed to satisfy everyone. Quite unique combination of natural food grade ingredients leaves almost no chances for any allergic or irritation reactions and, yes, it does provide 48 hour protection! A vial lasts quite a while!

NatuReplica All Natural Deodorant

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  • No aluminum, metal free; food grade ingredients. Unscented – unisex
  • Naturally inspired micro-emulsion of lemongrass and hops in vegetable oils
  • 48 h protection – tolerates heavy workouts, shower, swimming and even saunaWorkout
  • Dual function: Works as a foot deodorant too – antibacterial and antiviral
  • Very mild, no irritation reactions reported so far
  • Original herbal scent (predominately lemongrass) fades away in a few hours
  • A 10 ml vial may last 20-30 days depending on usage
  • Suitable for sports and travel; not an antiperspirant.

Edible ingredients

  • Vegetable oil (sunflower or safflower)
  • Lemongrass – according to the Wikipedia, lemongrass is widely used as an herb in Asian cuisine in teas, soups, and curries. It is also suitable with poultry, fish, beef, and seafood.
  • Hops – Hop resins are composed of two main acids: alpha and beta acids. Alpha acids have a mild antibiotic/bacteriostatic effect against Gram-positive bacteria, and favor the exclusive activity of brewing yeast in the fermentation of beer. Flavors and aromas are described appreciatively using terms which include “grassy”, “floral”, “citrus”, “spicy”, “piney”, “lemony”, “grapefruit”, and “earthy.”




With that kind of human-friendly ingredients that are in fact edible, it is not surprising that the DyeDiet Calculator shows zero health risk from chemicals HR = 0 and outstanding nutritional value, NV = outstanding. (To see the results you will have to type-in word Narureplica in the Calculator).

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