Why Do We Have Food and Health Crisis?

August 1, 2013 |

What we eat in America: Chemical food surrogates

The United States of America is strongest economy of the world. Well, at least it used to be just a few years ago… One should expect that in the country with such a strong economy the population should have access to best selection of healthiest food and the best possible health services in the world. We all know now – this is not true. We have over 3000 FDA approved additives in the American food supply. According to the FDA, 23,178,881.35 pounds of artificial food colors were allowed to our food in 2012 that is some 33 g per person. This is 48% up from 15,722,200.33 pounds certified a decade ago in 2002. According to estimation by Feingold Association, (watch below video Food Dyes and Behavior: A Different View)

an American child may consume up to 245 mg of combined artificial dyes a day, so that annual consumption may perhaps be as high as 40 – 60 g. I call this the “dye diet.” Isn’t it? Note that based on 60 mg Reference Daily Intake for Vitamin C, its recommended annual amount is only 22 g per adult person. Why do we allow that much of potentially harmful chemicals (restricted in the European Union, by the way) into the blood of our children? Do we care about the future of this country or not? In addition, we also have to deal with full blown problem of obesity and problems of spreading genetic modification (GMO) and residual pesticides in the American food. Make a note:

The more you deviate from normal human diet the less human you become!

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that the country with strongest economy in the world has brought her own population on a brink of total health collapse. Read this: The 6 Creepiest Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You. Now the trend is spreading outside to the rest of the world. Does it look paradoxically? No. Here is why.

Global profit-driven economy is pure suicide

Profit-driven economy is cuicidalOur world is functioning in the obsolete old-fashioned paradigm of money-based, profit-driven economy. The actual goal of such an “economy” is quite an abstraction – maximization of profit by any means –  has little or nothing to do with the vital needs of real world: the human and environmental health. Exponential growth of a few companies subsidized by the American government in 1950-70-s wiped out smaller competitors, destroyed diversity and gave birth to unprecedented international monsters controlling most of the American and big part of the world market (for instance, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Monsanto, ConAgra, Unilever and a few more). The more globalized and bigger an economy grows the more devastating and suicidal it becomes.The more technologically advanced an economy is, the more effectively it uses technologies to extract maximum profits resulting in more harm to environment and its own consumers as a collateral damage. Numerous evidences of this process are in the news every day. As the result, the train of our civilization is moving towards its dead end crash very quickly. Governments and politicians are neither capable nor willing to stop thisChronic intoxication insanity. Instead, they all along with corporations are closely involved in manipulations by inert and ignorant public. This is especially true for what is going on in the American food and pharmaceutical markets.Only educated and well-informed individuals are able to withstand the corporate-governmental propaganda and make their own informed healthy choices. However, the number of choices is quickly shrinking, so we have to hurry. Therefore, as far as I can see, we need to move on with mass-education of consumers about grave dangers of mass-production of food and tyrannical monopolization-globalization trends. This is the only effective mean we have in our disposal to slow down the suicidal train. Unfortunately, often we have to learn our hard lessons from our own life experiences.

The drugging of our children

Today millions of American children are overweight and very sick.One in six American children now has a developmental disability – a 17% increase over the past decade and autism rates are nearly quadrupled. Obviously, traditional stuffing of our children with multiply prescription drugs is inefficient but, what is more important, it is highly profitable. No wonder that increasing number of people starts turning attention to long-forgotten natural ways. There are many documented cases and shared heartbreaking personal stories are told to demonstrate that the successful solutions were found not in the “established” medical treatments but rather in wise turning back to the “roots” of healthy food and clean environment which should be as much as possible clean from devastating chemical invasion inflicting by the propaganda of profit-driven economy.

Commonly overblown fears

However, as a professional chemist, I do not support many popular wide-spread fears such as GMO-fat, GMO-soy lecithin, GMO-high fructose corn syrup, etc., which I consider about baseless for the simple reason that only protein- and DNA-containing materials can carry genetic changes which may be responsible for adverse health effects. I am also an opponent of another overblown fear that MSG, a sodium salt of naturally ubiquitous amino acid (glutamic), is so dangerous. Not only glutamic acid is found in literally any natural food, but it is also naturally produced in your body every second. Of course, anything – amino acids included – can be made toxic by habitual overeating! This is exactly the reason (and the only one) why dirt-cheap HFCS has turned to be a real villain of the American food supply. Too much molasses or honey is equally or perhaps even more deadly toxic but little or no profit margin is what preventing them from becoming another demonized “poison.” Therefore, “Eat less” or better say “Eat little” must be the golden rule for everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy life.

Dye Diet Calculator: Avoid Chemicals and GMO

The best way to eat healthy is to fully avoid any processed and even any commercial food. This clearly means that you must grow your own food and cook for yourself. However, in today’s world this is hardly realistic for the most of us. Therefore we will inevitably have to keep consuming some processed foods which, unfortunately, can be reliably categorized as “healthy” or “toxic” only by qualified professionals, chemists and bio-chemists preferably.

To fill the gap and make everyone empowered to see what to dump and what to take from the pool of commercial food, I have designed and keep developing the Dye Diet Calculator of Health Risk and Nutritional values of any packed foods and drinks. The Dye Diet Calculator is science-based, interactive tool for all those who are seeking a way to improve their health and quality of lives aside from the mainstream of deceptive doctrines pushed by the profit-driven economy. God bless you!

The 6 Creepiest Lies the Food Industry is Feeding You

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    To restore the economy to health, we need to persuade our companies to balance their priorities–to share more of their wealth with the employees who help earn it.

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