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August 18, 2012 |

Last week I was on my way back to the US from a fun trip to Siberia (Russia). Let me share with you a few observations which you may find interesting and useful. When you flight domestically, the ubiquitous standard turkey sandwich, made of bleached wheat flour, is chasing you everywhere from LAX to ATL to BOS.

Standard turkey sandwichBut if you fly by KLM and you have a long night wait time in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you are the lucky one! Not only Schiphol is one of the best traveler friendly airports in the world, this is the place where you can experience best healthy food hospitality services.


At Dutch Kitchen Bar & Cocktails near the Lounge 3 you can try a variety of teas sitting back in an intimate unit decorated as a tea-cup:

Dutch Kitchen Bar & Cocktails cafe in SchipholWhat I enjoyed the most was original Dutch cheese sandwiches served in newly opened “Bread!” sandwich concept cafe located in the center of Lounge 3. Key elements in the image of Bread! are purity and honesty and this is reflected in the range of their products.

Bread! cafe is a central feature of Lounge 3I have enjoyed eating this cheese sandwich (one on the front) with a glass of a Merlot at the night time:

Cheese sandwiches of Bread! cafeThen I ate the other one with a cup of coffee and a big almond cookie in the morning:

Another cheese sandwich of Bread!Every time I paid some €10 (~$13) which was not very cheap but, let me tell you, the real bread cheese sandwiches were unforgettably delicious! Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to try a rye bread sandwich like this one (my stay was not long enough!):

Rye bread sandwichI will certainly try it next time I stuck in Schiphol. Actually, I will plan for that!

It's me standing by the Bread!By the way, instead of wandering around all night like a zombie I have chosen to pay €100 (~ $130) for a restful sleep in a local hotel inside the airport right near the Lounge 3. Another place I visited was Dutch souvenir shop where I have bought a pair of beautiful Dutch clogs ($22) for my beautiful granddaughter:

A pair of beautiful Dutch clogsSo, being trapped in Schiphol for a night is not a bad experience at all. Just look for the Lounge 3 and enjoy your life. Eat Food, Not Food Additives! Live Real Life, Not a Surrogate One!

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  1. petrovich says:

    I’ll do the same. Let me fly at Schiphol.