Naturally Sweetened drink mix: It’s Safe!

July 11, 2012 |

To alleviate impact of the heat wave we may need to drink more pure water than normal. You can also use a drink mix to add some flavor and color. But be careful in your selection, only a few of them don’t contain strange chemical food additives and colorants. Here is a good example, Great Value Blueberry Berry Splash naturally sweetened low calorie drink mix. While the content has little to do with the beautiful berries depicted on the front of the box (perhaps flavor only), the good news is that it doesn’t contain any potentially health damaging ingredients. Look for yourself.


Naturally Sweetened Drink Mix: Risk and NutritionNaturally Sweetened Drink Mix: Risk and Nutrition

As the result, with this drink mix you will NOT be exposed to a chemical hazard, DDFI = 0/7 = 0, however you shouldn’t expect to get nutrients too, DDNF = 7/29 ~ 0.2. And this is what we expect from a drink first of all: to be non-toxic, isn’t it?

The essential INGREDIENTS are:

  • Cane syrup solids is cane sugar
  • Maltodextrin is low caloric form of sugar used as a thickener
  • Stevia extract as a natural low calorie sweetener, which may be beneficial for diabetic people
  • Dried hibiscus supplies vitamins and natural color. It may also reduce your blood pressure
  • Black carrots extract used as another natural color
  • Magnesium oxide is an anti-caking agent which prevents the mix from aggregating.

Bottom line. Again, pure water is out best zero calories and zero sugar thirst quencher. But if you carefully read lists of ingredients and rely on the DyeDiet diagram, there is a chance that you can select a safe product even at your local Walmart. Yes, Naturally Sweetened Great Value drink mix is the one of them.

Say No to Kool-Aid and No to Crystal Light,

Hydrate yourself right!

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