Food Terrorism: Rainbow Blast Cake

April 27, 2012 |

Beware people of America, here is an aggressive psycho-colored product designed to destroy you, your children, kill your fertility and make you wandering purposelessly around like the living dead. Here it is, Rainbow Blast Cake of Bakery of Walmart: “Vibrantly-colored cake, iced with Vanilla Buttercrème Icing, topped with confetti sprinkles.” Just look at that play-doh  they want you to eat:

Rainbow Blast CakeNo joke, it was made just like a play-doh, except may be boric acid. See for yourself what you are about to chew:

That’s what they call “buttercream” in today’s American food industry: No butter and no cream…

Who can eat this cake? Please keep in mind that this chemical conglomerate is designed especially for our children. Can you imagine how this unnatural stuff can be utilized to rebuild some 7,000,000 red blood cells that die every second in an average man? No way! Maybe body of xenomorph would make use of this infamous cake but if you feed it to your child you push your baby on the way of poor blood quality and overall degradation. One has to be very well educated about what the human’s food and nutrition are to stand up to this “domestic food terrorism.” So please do not support it by contributing your $2.78 for the harm.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Rainbow Blast Cake: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentRainbow Blast Cake: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

This is one of the most diverted products allowed to American food and especially designed for consumption by children I have come across so far. In every cake we have detected overall 140 mg of synthetic colorants with record amount of 16 mg of aniline dye Blue 1 (see what happens in the extreme cases: Blue colon at autopsy) and large amounts of Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6  (see the above picture). We were unable to determine contents of the other two dyes Red 3 and Blue 2. Please read the CSPI report relevant to the Rainbow Blast Cake, Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks.

The cake is charged with 10 strange chemicals that have no place in the human body (red segments); it’s the real chemical blast of DDFI = 77/28 ~ 2.75 and bad to unacceptable nutritional value of DDNF = 28/103 ~ 0.3 are what you get.  If you eat the whole piece, you will stuff your body with 28 g of fats (including some trans), 68 g of sugars and only 4 g of protein.

Seriously, if it happens that you got lost in wilderness with a Rainbow Blast Cake as the only “food” left, best you can do is to bury it deeper in a hole, to prevent wild animals from dying of poisoning, and survive on drinking water only.

Better alternatives. Unfortunately, there are no significantly better alternatives that you can find at Walmart cake departments. All their cakes look strictly inedible to me.

Inedible cakes of WalmartInedible cakes of Walmart

If you luckily have Whole Foods Market store in your area, make your purchase there. Otherwise please do the job of baking for yourself and your kids. But please do not use cake decorating kits that are full of the artificial colorings. Let’s not to allow the “food terrorism” to undermine health and future of this country. Good luck to all of us who care!

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