Milk and Granola Bars: No bad chemicals

January 25, 2012 |

Here is another good sign of the right trends in big food industry: Milk & Granola bars oatmeal raisin manufactured by Kraft Foods with no artificial food colorants, questionable preservatives or emulsifiers.


Milk and Granola Bars: Risk and Nutrition

Milk and Granola Bars: Risk and Nutrition

Accordingly, there is no risk from chemicals hostile to human body (no red segments in the diagram), DDFI = 0/52 = 0 and you will be rewarded with a good load of 18 nutrients (green segments), DDNF = 52/16 ~ 3. And you pay only $1.50 for a pack of 5 bars. No bad at all!

The claims on the box say: Delivers Calcium of an 8 OZ glass of milk; Good source of Vitamin D; 5 g of Protein per bar; Good source of fiber; 7 g of Whole Grains per bar; NO high fructose corn syrup. I have found these claims true and I enjoyed eating one or two bars before my weight lifting workouts.

Discussion. Another product from this series, Milk $ Granola mixed berry, has been reviewed last fall by Fooducate.  While I agree with the analysis and the conclusion, I insist that the bars represent an example of a good snack food.

Yes, the bars are not made from whole food because no one expects granola bars to grow on the trees. But processed food doesn’t automatically mean “bad.” I understand that “maltodextrin”  may sound scary for an average consumer but, as a chemist I know that it is just another form of sugar and sugar is one of macronutrients that our body needs to support life.  Another one is oligofructose which occurs naturally, and its commercial use emerged in the 1980s in response to consumer demand for healthier and calorie-reduced foods. Of course, too much of saturated fat  in a diet is no good, but our body needs saturated fat as well (e. g. palmitic acid). (See also: Fractionated palm kernel oil and Palm oil).

Bottom line. So my point is that there are NO toxic chemicals added to Milk & Granola bars! Most of the ingredients are nutrients (proteins, sugars, starches, fats and minerals) with only 4 benign additives. As everything else in the world, some of the nutrients are more (like skim milk or cream) and others are less (like palm kernel oil) healthy. But you can survive on them, not on Red 40! What happens too often is that we turn any food to our enemy by overeating. Any nutritious food is healthy only if eaten in moderation.

Therefore, as always, “DyeDiet Recommended” doesn’t mean that you can eat these bars pack after another all day long. I do hope this quick report helps to make less risky food choices for you and your kids!

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