Coffee-Mate creamer: Why not milk?

November 18, 2011 |

Clean air, fresh water and fertile land are what humanity needs for its survival. There is now too much carbon dioxide in the air, too much detergents, dioxins, pesticides and antibiotics in the water and we have exhausted soil which is no longer capable to support plant germination.  How do we manage to stay healthy? Well, not so well… Obesity, diabetes, cancers and other food-related diseases are on the rise. Recent report shows 250% increase in the use of ADHD drugs among young women ages 20 to 44 for the last decade.

In this context even more disturbing trend is intended chemical intervention into our food. In the good old days we used to drink our coffee with a cream, not with a creamer. So let’s take a look is there anything that makes it beneficial for our health to  replace natural cream with a creamer.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Coffee-Mate Risk and Nutrition

Coffee-Mate Risk and Nutrition

The main ingredients you pay $4 for are nutrients (green segments):

  • Sugar
  • Vegetable oil – partially hydrogenated coconut, palm kernel or soybean oil. Partial hydrogenation is exactly when cis-unsaturated fats are converted to trans fats to some degree. Low amounts of trans fats allow the food manufacturers claim “0 g trans fat” as you can see on the Coffee-Mate label. Watch video about trans fat health effects.
  • Corn syrup solids – dried corn syrup (more sugars)
  • Sodium caseinate – alkali processed milk protein which may produce side effects in sensitive people.

The rest is added in “less than 2 %” (represented by red and yellow segments in the diagram). “Natural and artificial flavor” I read as artificial. Why to add anything costly natural if a cheap artificial is already added? And they never disclose which chemical they use for the particular flavor. Therefore with the Coffee-Mate creamer you take relatively low chemical additive risk of DDFI = 6/13 ~ 0.5 that is good, but nutritional value is very low too: DDNF = 13/22 ~ 0.6.

I don’t mind paying $4 for a natural cream or milk that are nutritious “cocktails” containing micro-elements and vitamins but to pay that much for a mixture of sugars, hydrogenated oil, a milk derivative and a bunch of food texturizers seems too foolish to me. Look at Hiland Half & Half for $3.19 per quart (946 ml) instead:


Hiland Half & Half

Hiland Half & Half, 0 g trans fat, $ 3.19

It looks like it is jailed…. But, yes, you still can add it to your favorite coffee. Indeed, what is the point using Coffee-Mate if Hiland Half & Half has ZERO trans fat and only 40 calories per two tablespoons (30 g) that means 20 calories per 15 g and, for the sake of direct comparison with the Coffee-Mate, 16 calories per 12 g! What? Yes, you are right, Half & Half gives you 60/16 ~ 4 times less calories than Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate! A second good option you may want to consider is Natural Bliss Cofee-Mate for $ 2.28.

Bottom line: People, we better stick to our human’s nature and learn how to consume our natural food, including fat, sugar, protein and vitamins in moderation rather then we trick ourselves with fat free creams or sugar free sweets! Think about it.

The freedom of choice is yours but to realize it you need to have something to choose from!  I do hope this quick report helps you to make less risky food choices for you and your children. Enjoy Thanksgiving holidays!

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