Pretzel Twists: A better food choice

October 16, 2011 |

Here is Great Value Honey Wheat Braided Pretzel Twists for $1.48 a bag you can buy at a local Walmart. No trans fat, no artificial flavors or colors. Accordingly, the pretzels risk diagram looks more like green that means it is safe to eat the product in moderation.


Honey Wheat Braided Pretzel Twists: Risk and Nutrition

Honey Wheat Braided Pretzel Twists: Risk and Nutrition

With every serving of 10 twists (30 g) you will get 110 calories, 4 g of sugar and 2 g of protein. You will take ZERO foreign food additive risk, DDFI = 0/19 = 0 and reasonable nutritional value of DDNF = 19/11 ~ 1.7. However the pretzels are pretty high in sodium (salt, see long term health effects), 300 mg per serving, 13% of your daily value. If hypertension  is of concern for you, please carefully control your table salt intake. Excessive salt consumption may also increase risks of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Perhaps it is good to cut sodium in our diet for everyone. See how you can do this by cutting salty packaged and restaurant foods.

Even better generally healthy move would be to stay away from the processed foods as much as possible. Remember, food additives are not food. “The problem with so many of these [processed] foods is that they contribute to diets high in sugar, salt, and saturated fat, and deficient in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The consequences are obesity, heart disease, tooth decay, diabetes, and other chronic diseases,” says Michael Jacobson, PhD, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit organization that’s launching the nation’s first-ever Food Day on Monday, October 24, to raise awareness about food-related issues. – Fitbie

So let’s celebrate the Food Day by making healthier food choices and joining our efforts to eat real food!

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