Unpatriotic cupcakes of Walmart

July 1, 2011 |

Do Americans deserve better food?

It depends on how YOU respond to this offer from Wal-Mart Stores: Celebrate America 12 “patriotic” chocolate mini cupcakes with buttercream icing. For $2.60 you get low nutritional value and apparent prevalence of artificial food dyes, emulsifiers and other wasteful food additives.


Celebrate America cupcakes of Walmart

Celebrate America cupcakes of Walmart

Let’s take a look To see what did it took Them to bake This Cake of Fake.

Celebrate America cupcakes Risk Score, DDRS ~ 166

As you see from the DyeDiet “Dyegram” what you really get is 23 non-nutritional food additives 7 of which are potentially damaging anti-nutrients (red segments) plus 17 nutritional food additives (green segments). Every food additive has its DyeDiet Risk Factor, DDRF based on its chemical structure and known health risks.

Celebrate America Cupcakes Risk Score Diagram

Therefore this food surrogate is RISKY and of LOW nutritional value:

  • Anti-nutrient (foreign additive) risk DDFI = 56/47 ~ 1.2 (bad)
  • Nutritional value, DDNF = 47/119 ~ 0.4 (low)

No illusions about buttercream

If you naively look for butter and cream in the “buttercream icing” consider a bunch of emulsifying gums that you have to eat instead:

While most of the above food additives are non-toxic, Polysorbate 60 may contain carcinogenic 1,4-dioxane as an impurity. No wonder that so little of valuable left for you and your children in a cupcake sold for ~ 1/5 the price of a chewing gum ($2.60/12 = $0.22).

Combined dye content is 144 mg. See what the FDA Acceptable Daily Intake values are.

Finally, here are their nutrients for you to celebrate

The manufacturer’s generosity doesn’t go beyond the merely following:

Do you still want to celebrate with THIS?


  • It is NOT patriotic for Wal-Mart to offer this lowest grade food surrogate to American consumers. Sadly, Wal-Mart is not alone. Yes, many of us sometimes celebrate with alcohol but its health effects and overconsumption consequences are very well known. Not so about the food dyes and thousands of other food additives Americans  consume every day for lifetime.
  • It is insulting for the American public to accept such a livestock-like treatment especially from domestic food manufacturers. The DyeDiet suggestion is: reject the junk, and be chemically independent too! But the freedom of choice is YOURS.
  • Since when brain-penetrating FD&C Blue 1 (see ) and the food azo dyes like an animal carcinogen FD&C Red 3 (read pages 27 and 28 in the Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks) have become associated with the colors symbolizing American Independence from British Empire? Consider this: today’s British reject dying even their pants (European Ban on Certain Azo Dyes) with what Americans eat 7,000 tons a year!
  • Want to see blue dyed guts? Read this: Blue Colon at Autopsy.
  • In my view, to simply dye cheap chemical concoctions in white, red and blue IS NOT ENOUGH for the US food industry to be seen patriotic. What they could do is to contribute with high quality, NUTRITIONAL food into the improvement of overall health of the Nation. And it is easy; here is a healthier alternative for those who bake no fake.

The only seemingly healthy product in Wal-Mart Bakery aisles I was able to identify was Cinnamon Twists for $2 per container. So, go ahead, better celebrate with this:

Cinnamon Twists of Walmart

Cinnamon Twists of Walmart

Cinnamon Twists Risk Score, DDRS ~ 20

With NONE of biologically foreign food additives (no red segments), 4 nutritional (green segments) and only 2 benign (not harmful, yellow segments) food additives in these twists you will get low risk and moderate nutrition. If consume the twists in MODERATION.

Cinnamon Twists Risk Score Diagram

  • Anti-nutrient (foreign additive) risk DDFI = 0/12 = 0 (excellent)
  • Nutritional value, DDNF = 12/8  ~ 1.5 (not bad)

Now, you tell me, do we deserve better food? WHAT YOUR RESPOND IS? If you respond is YES, don’t forget to push Facebook “like” button below and have a healthy the Fourth of July!

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  1. benamore says:

    Please put down the Diet Coke! There are many healthier alternatives like Zevia or LaCroix, but the only healthy zero calorie drink is WATER.