GMO labeling: Know friends and enemies

November 23, 2013 |

Never give up your rights!

Although the important GMO labeling initiative was defeated in Washington, the loss was only by a tiny margin of 51 against 49. We have much to be proud of, and our collective work has laid the foundation for victory in 2016. This incredible community of grassroots advocates, parents, health professionals, and consumers will remain steadfast in its mission and strong in its purpose.

Know friends and enemies of the GMO labeling

On the picture there are some of the many companies who support YOUR right to know and the other companies that spent millions to oppose your right to know about GMO in your food.

Supporters and enemies of GMO labeling

Supporters and enemies of GMO labeling

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  1. Jordan Hicks says:

    Proponents of labeling fear the food and biotech agriculture companies will seek a federal ban to pre-empt more state labeling efforts. But they continue to express confidence in long-term victory.