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July 3, 2013 |

Tootsie Roll vs Cherry Slices

Tootsie RollTootsie Roll is chewy candy well-known in the United States for about 120 years. A while ago Tootsie Roll candy was viewed as a lesser evil in comparison with Cherry Slices candy of Zachary Confection available at Walmart. Since that time the Dye Diet Calculator has been designed and the calculation procedure was further improved. Nevertheless, qualitative outcome is the same, as expected. While Cherry Slices candy is nothing but artificially colored mixture of sugar and starch with extremely high Health risk = 3.20 and unacceptably low Nutritional Value = 0.22, Tootsie Roll contains no artificial colors and has four extra nutrients instead:

  • Cocoa,
  • Whey,
  • Concentrated skim milk and
  • Soy lecithin which can be utilized by human body because it consists of fat portion and choline portion that is used in the synthesis of the constructional components in the body’s cell membranes. Choline occurs also in eggs, meats and many other food sources. Note, that soy lecithin is very unlikely to contain residual GMO.
Dye Diet Calculation result: Tootsie Roll

Dye Diet Calculation result: Tootsie Roll

Therefore the Dye Diet Calculator indicates that Tootsie Roll is a product with a moderate Health Risk = 0.64 and moderate Nutritional value = 1.56. Perhaps it’s acceptable to recommend a product with moderate nutritional value, but I would not recommend a product that brings you moderate health risk. Tootsie Roll contains two unwilling chemicals that better be avoided:

  • Partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Consumption of partially hydrogenated oils should be minimized because of possible negative effects of trans fat impurities on human’s health. In the same time, it’s good to keep in mind that small amounts of trans fats occur naturally in meats and dairy and were a part of human diet for a long time;
  • Artificial and natural flavors.

That’s what the calculator suggests you: While a few candies can be consumed with no harm done, especially if you are lost in a desert with no other food, eating a serving of 13 or more candies daily may be not a good idea.

Fooducate discrepancy: Tootsie Roll vs Jolly Rancher

Fooducate result for Tootsie Roll

Fooducate result for Tootsie Roll

Knowing the above details, I am wondering why in the Fooducate grading system Tootsie Roll gets lowest possible grade of red D whereas Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews which in addition contain a bunch of artificial colors and sulfur dioxide (sulfites) get only next to worst red D+ grade? I would assume that Tootsie Roll should be significantly less risky.

Fooducate result for Jolly Rancher

Fooducate result for Jolly Rancher

No matter what is the reason for discrepancy, the Dye Diet Calculator operating strictly based on known information on the health and toxic effects of ingredients will help you as a verification tool to better understand which food product is more and which one is less healthy and why. As expected, with Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews you will take very high Health Risk = 4.23 and you will get very low Nutritional Value = 0.20, that is quite different from what you get with Tootsie Roll.

Dye Diet Calculator result: Jolly Rancher

Dye Diet Calculator result: Jolly Rancher

In this article, we have verified with use of the Dye Diet Calculator the assumption that, while far from being one of the best in the category, Tootsie Roll candy is clearly less harmful than Cherry Slices or Jolly Rancher candies. This was not clear from application of Fooducate grading system. Now you decide what to choose for the celebration of the Fourth of July. Have a happy and healthy Independence Day and beyond!

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