Mistic “juice” drink: Another swill for slaves

April 25, 2013 |

In the profit-driven economy worst era for consumers comes with globalization and absorption of diversity of small manufacturers by “black holes” of gigantic international cartels which dictate their own rules to markets so that freedom of choice becomes just another illusion. Only educated and well-informed consumers are capable of resisting the enslavement and making their healthy choices.  Here is another enslavement tool: Mistic juice drink, a product of Dr Pepper/Snapple Group:

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Mistic Grape Strawberry drink: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Features of the Mistic juice drink

  • It says “mistic” but nothing mysterious
  • High fructose corn syrup sweetened – 16 teaspoons!
  • Chemically flavored
  • Chemically colored
  • With a tiny 3% pinch of grape juice powder to mislead you
  • And with NO strawberry…

This looks very humiliating to me. What about you? Keep reading. Red 40 content is 110 mg/L or 50 mg in every bottle. Blue 1 was not detected (very low, good!), so maybe you are a little luckier than a Mountain Dew drinker. From the other hand, Mistic Orange Carrot Juice Drink, although lusciously sweetened, comes without artificial colors or other toxic food additives. All you need is to carefully read the labels or use the Dye Diet Calculator for help.

You decide to be a slave or not

Based strictly on the ingredients, Dye Diet Calculator indicates that everyone who are not afraid of drinking Mistic Grape Strawberry juice drink takes high Health Risk = 2.89, and gets robbed by unacceptably low Nutritional Value = 0.30. Why to allow this chemical hazard into your blood and brain, if you are not a slave chained to a trough full of this humiliating swill? You decide to be a slave or notA free man’s choice is nutritious and healthy drinks! Pure water (hurry up, while it is still available!) is the best choice of a free man. Real juices are a good choice too.

Bottom line. Resist the sneaky sweetened slavery of 21st Century; make your healthy choices for the sake of your health, your family’s health and future generations. No mystery in Mistic chemical concoction – just misery. It only adds more sickness to our society. Educate yourself; join the educated elite of the fittest and save yourself and your loved ones!

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