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March 13, 2013 |

Calorie calculation did always seem as a crazy disturbance to me: Instead of enjoying your food and life you are busy with counting every your gulp and bite. There have been myriads calorie counters established for the last 50 years when everyone’s diet was bound to universal 2000 calories a day standard. Some count caloric content per serving like calorie count or myfitnesspal but serving sizes vary making direct comparisons not easy. Therefore others calculate calories referring to 100 g of product which is seemingly suitable for the comparison but you will have to further calculate to bring different serving sizes to 100 g to compare. In addition, based on recent research, many calorie labels are wrong. Moreover, caloric content by itself maybe not so important without consideration of food quality: Obesogens and other unwilling chemicals, including too much sugar in our diet may heavily contribute into the development of our health problems. The Dye Diet Calculator is designed to eliminate potentially dangerous chemicals from out diet and thus to serve as a useful addition to existing culture of caloric count. Let’s consider today Chipins White Cheddar all natural popcorn chips, for instance.


Chipins White Cheddar popcorn chips: Risk and NutritionChipins White Cheddar popcorn chips: Risk and Nutrition

Just go to the Dye Diet Calculator page and start typing in the product name: chipins. The calculator will indicate that you take zero health risk from chemicals and you will get moderate nutritional value of 1.58. Therefore Chipins White Cheddar chips are recommended in moderation. But here is a bonus for you: this time caloric and sugar content are shown in the calculation outcome: 130 calories per serving of 1 OZ (28 g) and 1 g sugar. Moreover, you can click on the website link there and go to Calorie Count page to see more detail about these popcorn chips in different terms: Nutrition grade is D+ (poor), same 130 calories and small graph breakdown indicating relative amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates in the product. Good!

Of course, you can click on ingredient link in the Dye Diet Calculator outcome page to read full articles about EVERY ingredient in the Chipins White Cheddar all natural popcorn chips. Go ahead, have fun!

Bottom line. I believe (tell me if I am wrong!), use of the Dye Diet Calculator in combination with Calorie Count gives you enough information to make your initial or even final decision about Chipins White Cheddar all natural popcorn chips. Namely, you have found out about its caloric and sugar content, its chemical composition and its nutritional values in terms of the two different approaches. Now you can decide if you want to buy and try it or not. Although you can read on the label that the chips are “100% natural” and contain “8 g of whole grain” please note that we cannot tell you if the product is not made of genetically modified corn. Unfortunately, most likely it is, according to recent reports on GMO topic.

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