Mountain Dew Kickstart: Artificial dyes and other chemicals

March 3, 2013 |

I do not need kick start

Let me put it forward right away: I am about 57 and I do not need morning kick start. I believe that no one who is on a healthy nutritious diet does. It was always surprising to me why energy drinks market is one of the fastest growing in America? Why young Americans of 14 – 34 year age are the major consumers of energy drinks? Although these questions may not be so easy to answer, let me speculate that malnutrition caused by the Standard American Diet which heavily relies on fast food and soda consumption is to blame. Look at the following possible cause and effect chain:

Fast food & sugar Malnutrition & extra body weight Lower energy & Hormonal imbalance, e. g. lower testosterone (even in boys) Energy drinks & Sleep aid pills and, finally, your health is DESTROYED.

Of course, food and pharmaceutical industries are quick to monetize on every your weakness, so that dangerous energy drinks and “Low T” treatments are bombarding you with their aggressive marketing tricks day and night. Another example is diet-related erectile dysfunction and Viagra for treatment. It looks like not so many of us seem to understand that the majority of our health problems “kick-start” from what we choose to eat and drink.

So here it is, yet another chemical “kick-start” Fruit Punch from Mountain Dew designed treating your symptoms, not improving your diet and overall health. Why NOT? Simply because there are no profits in doing so.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Mountain Dew Kickstart: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentMountain Dew Kickstart: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

As you see, Mountain Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch is a combination of 6 dangerous chemicals (red segments) 6 non-nutrient chemicals including 92 mg of caffeine (yellow segments) and 8 nutrients (green segments) including 19 g of questionable HFCS, 5% grape juice from concentrate and vitamins B you find in every processed food. It is also high in sodium, 7 % of your RDI.

Food additives to avoid

Think twice before you choose to allow this cocktail of anti-nutritious xenobiotic chemicals into your blood. Drinking Mountain Dew KickStart will expose you to HIGH health risk = 2.31 and will give you miserable Nutritional Value = 0.26.

Try Free Dye Diet Calculator

You are welcome to have fun calculating Health Risk and Nutritional Values of any processed food and drink of YOUR CHOICE by playing with trial version of the Dye Diet Calculator. Simply start with typing-in FULL product name CORRECTLY, and (if not in database that is very likely: it is user-created one) introduce all the ingredients from the label, add them and hit “Calculate!” You will see the results and then it is up to you to buy or not to buy the product.

Bottom line. Another caffeine-rich chemical cocktail is perhaps NOT what your body needs for breakfast and NOT what you need for a cheerful and energetic morning. The best way would be to rethink your overall diet, have something meaningful to eat and something less dangerous to drink: a cup of tea or coffee would do much better job. I am not alone in this view; TIME journalists have similar suggestions for you.

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  1. healthy baby | March 16, 2013
  1. benamore says:

    I want to thank you for making this website. Because of you, I switched to fruit snacks with REAL fruit, I don’t drink soda very often, and I choose 100% fruit juices and/or tea. From now on, I will call Lucky Charms “Yucky Harms” and try not to buy them. If you ever need morning kick start, instead of drinking Mountain Dew Kick Start, drink instead orange juice, milk, coffee, or tea. If you are eating at fast food places, stop! You can get better food at better prices. Example: A quick and easy pasta dinner with vegetables costs about $2-$4 (compare this to anything you get at McDonald’s). I like to get cheesy foods (ex. mac and cheese), but they usually are artificially colored with yellow #5 or #6. Also stevia is great for carb watchers (GI 0), but check carefully because some brands may have maltodextrin (GI 150) or dextrose (GI 100) which can make it just as worse as sugar! Also, to check if the ingredient is a foreign chemical, type in the name into a program like Microsoft Word and if spell check cannot recognize the word, it is foreign chemical. To learn more, go to Fooducate Blog.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Thank you, my friend! The encouragements like yours make me convinced to keep running the Dye Diet and hope that one day we will have more healthy choices for our children and families in America and beyond!

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