Juicy Juice is not bad for children

January 9, 2013 |

Juicy Juice is a brand of juices and juice punches marketed to children and sold in the United States by Nestlé using the slogan “The very best juice for the very best kids” and “Growing Up Healthy at Every Stage.” The good news is that there are NO toxic food additives to avoid in the Juicy Juice 100% Juice Punch. It is naturally flavored with natural flavors which are not disclosed as always. It contains NO artificial colors. So, it is true that  the Juicy Juice punch is much healthier than many ill-concocted swills designed for children, such as Kool-Aid, for instance.


Juicy Juice: Risk and Nutrition

Juicy Juice: Risk and Nutrition

By choosing Juicy Juice fruit punch you will NOT expose your loved ones to the chemical risks common for many other beverages: DDFI = 0/10 = 0!  Also, moderately good nutritional value of DDNF = 10/8 = 1.2 is not a bad fact. But please do not be too excited about the phony marketing statements.

Marketing exaggerations. Is this Juicy Juice as healthy as the marketers want you to believe? Not really.

  • First of all, how come “all natural 100% juice” is made from water and concentrates? Although definition of ”all natural” is vague there IS a clear difference between freshly squeezed juice, which is all natural, and the one made from concentrates. Isn’t this the reason WHY the manufacturer has to add flavors?
  • Although it reads on the package “Great For Toddlers!” I would keep in mind that 3.5 teaspoons of sugar may still be too much for a very young person. For instance, Mott’s for Tots contains almost only a half the amount of sugar
  • Another overstatement says that “One serving of Juicy Juice equals ½ cup of fruit!” which is not exactly true because the juice is missing fiber and micro-elements presented in fruits.

By the way, a few years ago FDA has expressed big dissatisfaction and warnings with regard to a number of unrealistic claims made by Nestle’ for Juicy Juice.

Bottom line. Yet another statement on the package of Juicy Juice 100% Juice Punch says: “With Juicy Juice as your ally you can focus on the good stuff – raising happy and healthy children.” Well, no artificial colors, no HFCS, no toxic food additives is good and Juicy Juice from concentrate is certainly good for children in small amounts (in moderation) but its health benefits are overstated. So please control your child’s sugar consumption and beware of the dangers of corporate marketing in schools. To mitigate effect of sugar on your child, it is good to have Juicy Juice diluted with pure or mineral water 1 : 1. This will also double the amount of drink to enjoy! Finally, please never forget that only pure water is 100% healthy natural zero calorie drink.

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  1. benamore says:

    Don’t drink fruit juice instead of eating real fruit. Real fruits and vegetables have fiber; fruit juice has no fiber.

  2. DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

    Exactly so! Look, modern civilization and, Americans in particular, consume needless, enormous amount of sugar. Not only in candy and soda; you find sugar (and HFCS) in ketchup, barbecue sauce, Prego meat sauce, mayonnaise, etc., almost everywhere! This is insanity. And artificial sweeteners are nothing more than a huge health danger with unknown consequences which the civilization is going to deal with for decades to come. A big part of the problem is money and PROFIT-driven economy itself. Another part is people’s ignorance AND false understanding of what freedom means. Many think that they free to eat whatever they want and as much as they want. This is ridiculously stupid. Imagine that your car “decided” it is free to go on whatever fuel… You would not go too far. Yes, cheap and abundant food has its huge dark side in an ignorant society. Yes, caveman’s diet was way healthier than today’s human diet. Yes, we need to eat fruits and vegetables and drink water. Of course, you can have a sip of Juicy Juice once in a while and still stay a healthy person.