Licorice Bears: How dare you lying to children?

November 4, 2012 |

When adults lie to each other, it is immoral and disgusting. But when adults lie to children, this is just filthy. Look at this bag of Licorice Bears candy from CVS, a product of Mexico. You read on the bag:  “Premium Quality; Great Value. I’m proud to put our name on this product. It represents the quality and value you’ve come to expect from CVS. I know you’ll enjoy the great taste. As always, it carries our money back guarantee, CEO.” Well, give me my money back! There is no licorice in the candy, just sugar, starch and artificial color chemicals.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Licorice Bears: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentLicorice Bears: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Even Twizzlers, a champion of chemical food, contain licorice extract! Not these licorice bears; this is a blatant disgraceful lie. Red DyeDiet diagram indicates high chemical risk DDFI = 41/15 ~ 2.7 and miserable nutritional value of DDNF = 15/41 ~ 0.4

Bottom line. People, please do not allow your children to touch these chemically contaminated starch and sugar health hazard. Indeed, plain sugar is the less risky choice. This is another example of the domestic food terrorism. If you are lucky, you can find nutritious candy like this Jelly Belly.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    It doesn’t matter, they taste amazing!

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Fine! I am just telling what they are so that all who consume it know what they are bringing into their bodies. “Taste good” unfortunately is not a good criteria of food nowadays. I used to like Dr Pepper and I have no doubt I would like licorice bears too but as a chemist I know that eating chemicals is crazy no matter how nice taste is.