Odwalla Food Bars: The brand you can trust

October 10, 2012 |

I would like you to get acquainted with a very good consumer-friendly company, Odwalla, a Californian producer of healthy juices and nourishing food bars since 80s. Unfortunately only a few can escape being purchased by the monopoly monsters: Odwalla has been acquired by the Coca-Cola Company in 2001. But Odwalla’s fruit juices and food bars still are among the most nutritious products on the market.  You can compare Odwalla food bars with other previously reviewed healthy granola bars to see which one you do like better.


Odwalla Banana Nut Bar: Risk and NutritionOdwalla Banana Nut Bar: Risk and Nutrition

Nice green look of the DyeDiet diagram tells us that the product is nutritious and safe! Indeed, if you choose Odwalla’s food bar, you are NOT at chemical risk: DDFI = 0/47 = 0 and you will get a nutritional load your body needs DDNF = 47/22 = 2.1, which includes only 17 g of sugar (30% by weight) out of 56 g bar. You can trust “Made with Fruit and Whole Cereal Grains” bar!

You may want to make use of the original Banana Nut, “Where Nutritious Meets Delicious” or experience White Chocolate Macadamia chewy nut bar; anyway you will not be disappointed. I have tried the both of them and here I report to you with my great pleasure that the Odwalla food bars are in fact delicious and healthy. Trust and enjoy Odwalla!

Bottom line. Whenever you are looking for a quick nutritious and healthy snack, consider Odwalla food bars. Nature Valley granola bars can be a good choice too. Please pay attention to the amount of sugar they offer to you per serving. Good physical or mental work is what you need to bring your blood sugar to a norm. I like running a couple of miles on open air or lift weights in a gym. I do hope this report helps you to make right snack choice for you and your loved ones!

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