Fanta Strawberry: A way to diabetes and dementia

September 11, 2012 |

Look at the bottles of Fanta Strawberry soda. Nice bright red color, isn’t it? This is exactly how a solution of 40-50 mg of artificial color Red 40 in a half liter of water looks like. Are you still looking for strawberry? Close your eyes, open your mouth wider, hold your breath and swallow… 20 teaspoons of High Fructose Corn Syrup instead! Another study just reported that too much sugar, above causing diabetes, may damage your brain and cause irreversible memory loss, the Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t you feel being treated like cattle by marketing of this red sticky hogwash from the Coca-Cola Company? I do.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Fanta Strawberry: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentFanta Strawberry: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

Not only sugar, a gang of Red 40 and sodium benzoate will terrorize your brain to trigger attention deficit and unhealthy hyperactivity (read Food additives and hyperactive behavior in 3-year-old and 8-9-year-old children; Food Colors, Sodium Benzoate and ADHD in Children and ADHD and Food Additives Revisited). Fanta Strawberry will put you at high chemical risk of DDFI = 16/8 ~ 2 and will leave you essentially without nutrients, DDNF = 8/24 ~ 0.3. But it is so-o-o sweet…

In comparison with just reviewed Fanta Grape, Fanta Strawberry is missing a few chemicals: 3 preservatives and 1 artificial color. NOTE: this, plus another chemical for the flavor, is exactly what makes the difference between “grape” and “strawberry.” Obviously creation of a healthy beverage was not on the manufacturer’s mind.

Bottom line. Fanta Strawberry just like Fanta Grape is not designed to quench your thirst, replenish water your body needs and offer you a healthy refreshment (see the CSPI document Liquid Candy: How Soft Drinks Are Harming American’s Health). On the contrary, it can make you a step closer to diabetes and dementia. Read an opinion: What happens to your body after you drink a soda every day, for a long time. If you are a desperate soda addict you simply die young. Is this what you are planning for?

Pure filtered water or a mineral water are the superior thirst quenchers you can trust!

Hydrate yourself straight!

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  1. sami kannout says:

    Where can I find fanta strawberry diet ??

  2. bob says:

    If you look at fanta as a health drink you are mentally challenged.

  3. Ian says:

    Why am I reading this stuff right after drinking Strawberry Fanta