Fanta Grape: From fun to grave?

August 29, 2012 |

Here is a 2 L bottle of Fanta Grape soda with beautiful red grapes on the label. A statement decorated with green leaf gives you a false comfort feeling about the beverage: “100% Natural Flavors.” Yet another redundant statement on the front says it again: “Grape Flavored Soda with other natural flavors.” Make no mistake: Fanta Grape soda is 100% UNNATURAL chemical cocktail. What else do you expect from Coca-Cola? Look carefully at the DyeDiet diagram where you see every food additive and its role reflected by the color.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Fanta Grape soda: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentFanta Grape soda: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

The red segments scream: Do not buy the chemical crap! Over a period of time, it may or may not cause health problems like cancer, brain tumor, infertility, erectile dysfunction, chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, ADHD, autism or Alzheimer’s disease, who knows what!  Do you want to be a guinea pig to find that out it years later?

By 1931, there were 15 synthetic colors approved for use in the US food. In the fall of 1950, many American children became badly sick from eating orange Halloween candies containing 1-2% Orange No. 1, FDA approved food color additive. In the next few years, FDA found that several food colorants caused serious adverse effects, including cancers, and proceeded to terminate their listings. Today about half of the 1960s color additives remain listed.

The FDA and food industry want us to believe that remaining 9 food colorants are harmless in the amounts we consume on everyday basis (read the FDA document Certified Color Additives in Food and Possible Association with ADHD in Children). Well, maybe I will not find bladder cancer developing in my body after drinking a bottle or two of Fanta Grape, but these artificial colorants have never existed on Earth and hence are absolutely strange extraterrestrial chemicals from biochemical stand point. Every cell in your body should learn anew how to deal with this foreign food additives and develop specific defense mechanisms. It will cost you energy that your body will have to spend working on the self-protection. Maybe this is part of the reason why so many Americans need energy drinks? No one can guarantee you that long-term consumption of chemical pollutions like Fanta Grape will not lead to serious health problems and not bring you to grave too soon. (Read CSPI document: Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks).

Look, there is no a single drug in the market without negative side-effects. And the toxic effects depend not only on the amount of a substance consumed but also on the time the exposure was taking place. Therefore it’s very difficult to clearly prove that small doses of a chemical food additive are safe without keeping track of every negative effect human body develops within 10 or even 20 years of exposure. Alternatively, it’s equally difficult to prove the otherwise because it requires too long time and so many different factors are involved. What to do then? Do you agree to be a guinea pig all your life? The DyeDiet approach is based on the simple prevention principle that everybody know so well:

Better Safe Than Sorry!

Who could imagine in 1950s that sixty years later in 2012 the American Cancer Society will call for comprehensive review of possible link between Coca-Cola consumption and cancer incidents in the American public?

The yellow segments represent biologically friendly food additives that are mostly preservatives, which certainly came from chemical plants, including “natural flavors.” Synthetic Methyl anthranilate is what likely used for the grape flavor.

Finally, the green segments are what you want to see in the diagram of a food product – nutrients. Again, both carbonated water and HFCS are not natural ingredients.

No surprise that by drinking Fanta Grape soda you will take unacceptably high chemical risk of DDFI = 26/8 ~ 3 and get no nutritional compensation: DDNF = 8/44 ~ 0.2. The only explanation why someone drinks Fanta Grape soda is ignorance. Indeed, 2 L of this sugary cancer-promoter does NOT worth even 1 cent: Its value is negative as that of damaging Trojan virus.

Bottom line. Everything is fake in Fanta Grape soda: grape, color and flavor. Here are some other less risky alternatives: Sprite, Lemon Lime natural soda, mineral water and, of course, filtered pure water for $1.11 per 3 gallons you find in every Walmart store. Hydrate yourself right!

Those who go for Fanta Grape

Will be blown from Fun to Grave!

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  1. benamore says:

    My friend at school drinks Fanta Grape soda. There is a soda machine at school.