Tampico Citrus Punch to avoid

June 9, 2012 |

Is there anything of value on today’s market, where a gallon of gas is between $3 and $4, that you can buy for $1.67 a gallon? Here is Tampico Citrus Punch – Orange, Tangerine and Lemon for you not to buy. See below to find out why not. Yes, it is low calorie drink  but see below how many chemicals are involved. Yes, it may look like an orange juice but it’s not: “Less than 1% juice” is what you can read on the tiny label if you are equipped with a magnifying glass. Let’s look what else is in the drink that exceeds 1%.

DyeDiet Doesn’t Buy It!

Tampico Fruit Punch: Risk, Nutrition and Dye ContentTampico Fruit Punch: Risk, Nutrition and Dye Content

We have detected 100 mg/L and 70 mg/L of the artificial colorants Yellow 5  and Yellow 6  correspondingly, which is whooping 380 and 265 mg per 1 gallon container. That IS what makes the drink look like an orange juice but it’s not all (please read PDF file Diet: ADHD and Behavior). Three artificial sweeteners make it taste like fruit-sweet for you:

The sweeter the artificial sweetener the less chances are that you may take the toxic dose of it. While Neotame is the safest of the three by this criteria, I would rather go with the natural sugar simply by consuming less of it. Please read a recent article Why Do You Think Diet Drinks Are Better Than HFCS?

Artificial flavors do the rest and, here you go, you are another hooked up consumer of Tampico. Please do not be: you expose yourself to substantial risk posed by 7 xenobiotic chemicals, DDFI = 48/27 ~ 1.8 with almost no nutritional compensation, DDNF = 27/65 ~ 0.4. Is this what you are looking for? I hope it’s not. Certainly, three gallons of purified water for $1.11 is way safer choice for you and your loved ones. Hydrate yourself right!

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  1. benamore says:

    I’ll never drink Tampico again.

  2. Casey says:

    Tampico has almost half the sugar and costs less. I would say less sugar is better.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m gonna drink because fVck you that’s why. And if you listen to this garbage then you’re as dumb as the people who buy gluten free foods and don’t even know what it means or who it’s for.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Good luck with your rage motivated protest.

    • jason henderson says:

      i agree its all bulshit they want you to buy 12 dollar all natural hemp juice extract froma bolian buthole but cheap suger drinks are the devil

      • Redneck Randal says:

        Great post! I saw this stuff at ah, well, Walmart (I know, it’s the worst) and couldn’t believe that people are actually willing to drink a big glass of chemicals and sugar. I was honestly surprised by the negative comments, but considering their sentence structure and grammar, I guess it’s not too surprising – some people don’t need no edjumacations.

        As for you Jason, there is another (nearly free) alternative to the $2 gallon of orange chemicals and $12 glass of hemp juice…it’s called WATER!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Everything on this page is extremely accurate. I mean EXTRE<MELY ACCURATE. This is a shame of a product. I bought some because I thought it was a good deal and I am on a tight budget. Decided to go over the ingredients (which are printed so tiny it is a shame) and I am so saddened after what became HOURS of researching onlinie. Please listen to the facts on this page this drink is really bad for you.

  4. Dustine says:

    I don’t know about all that Crap so far mentioned…
    But it makes my entire lower back hurt in a cramping sort of way when I start drinking too much of it.
    It’s really weird. I liked it, but have never really found ANY liquid I can drink for very long before it seems to pretty much harm me in some way.
    Of course I did grow up on mostly water only. I wasn’t allowed soda except on rare occasions….

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      Thank you for sharing.

      • Anonymous says:

        I stole this bottle today and it’s 1/2 gone or should I say, 1/2 left? Just try to go with water or an iced tea, southern style! Sweet tea!! Oh yeah, and with mint and honey! For orange juice just do the best you can with choosing pure and fresh brands! Tampico costs penny’s to make! The bottle cost them way more than the crap in it! See ya!

  5. Cavedog says:

    @ Dustine, I know this is a little late in on the discussion, but if you ever make it back here this is where my research has led. That cramping feeling you get from drinking too much could be one of two most probable things. One it could be a parasympathetic response in the muscles of the digestive tract (deep cramping feeling) as your bowels try to eliminate harmful – well in this case let’s just say irritable – substances from the bowels. And/or it could be kidney pain as you over work and clog your kidneys with artificial sweeteners. There are several studies that show some sweeteners in high excess or to people with a predisposition to poorly processing sweeteners can cause kidney stones or other kidney damage including one case that led to complete kidney failure from eating a diet high in sweet n low.

  6. Leldon says:

    I just typed a bunch of thoughts and it didn’t post! Dang it! Oh well here’s the long and the short of it! I stole a bottle of Tampico citrus punch today and it tasted like crap! I didn’t expect it to be very much like a real product but anyhow but as things go it’s it’s half empty or should I say it’s still half-full, my advice to you, just to go get some sweet tea good southern style sweet with mint and honey That would be the best choice for you, if you want juice get fresh pure orange juice mango juice grape juice whatever fresh variety is available ? Maybe get yourself A juicer and make it home, scratch that ! to many juicers in garage sales, too much trouble cost too much and messy! Y’all take care

  7. Norma says:

    People are always trying to say what’s bad for you. No one has money to buy all organic stuff. I have 2 vegetarian friends that are always throwing chemical this chemical that bullshit. I honestly do not care. There are things worse than high fructose corn syrup and dye. I eat what I can afford and what I can afford to feed my family. We have no food allergies and are as healthy as can be according to our Doctor. I have family members living to be 100 yrs and we haven’t changed our diets. We eat fast food, drink soda and foods with gluten and fat. Moderation is key. I’m drinking Tampico right now. Chemical freaks.

    • DyeDiet DyeDiet says:

      I am not a chemical freak, lady. I am a professional PhD chemist. I understand that people have different incomes. However eating healthy does not necessary mean eating overpriced organic food. Please do not feel offended; my goal was to bring more truth to our lives. Then you are the one who makes decision. Good luck!

      • Patrick says:

        Thank you for this post. I have been consuming Tampico alot. However I just moved to the US from Africa and I was excited when I saw Tampico at Walmart cause I grew up wit it. For weeks I have noticed this lower back pain especially when I resumed working out. I thought it was normal that it would fade away. But it hasn’t whenever I go on thread mil I don’t last because of this lower back pain I suspected the Tampico and decided to research and am shocked someone else complained about it. Will definitely stop. I guess it’s my fault cause I was over consuming it and there’s no Mum around to stop me. The worst was I went to play tennis. 5 mins into it my lower back locked up. Definitely gonna stop Tampico. Thanks. What do you think about coke zero. Is it a good option to replace Tampico?