Hiland Whipping Heavy Processed Cream

May 26, 2012 |

I buy Hiland Half & Half made from grade A milk and cream ($3.19./quart) with dipotassium phosphate as the only additive which is not harmful. From the other hand, Hiland Heavy Whipping Cream, which one may expect to be equally healthy, has always made me suspicious about its nutritional quality. Let’s see why.

Hiland Heavy Whipping Cream: Risk and NutritionHiland Heavy Whipping Cream: Risk and Nutrition

The fact that Half & Half is made from a part of milk and a part of cream suggests that the heavy cream must be just more cream, right? Nope. It’s made from the same grade A milk and cream plus two food additives: a thickener and an emulsifier that help to stabilize homogenized milk.

Don’t get me wrong, these food additives are NOT toxic (note yellow segments in the above DyeDiet risk diagram; no red ones). Therefore you are lucky to take ZERO chemical risk of DDFI = 0/4 = 0 yet the nutritional value you get is poor: DDNF = 4/6 ~ 0.7.

Fat content. As expected, the heavy cream contains 3.3 times the amount of milkfat (10 g per two tablespoons, 30 g) you consume with Half & Half (3 g per two tablespoons).

Protein content. According to the Nutrition Facts, Half & Half delivers 1 g of sugars and 1 g of protein. We should expect even more protein in the Hiland Heavy Cream. Guess what? The label says that there are zero protein and zero sugar in the heavy cream. How this can be? How do they manage adding 3 times the amount of milkfat and reduce protein in the same time? Maybe the fat comes not from milk? I don’t know. Another unanswered question is: why do you need to add an artificial thickener (carrageenan) if there is enough of the natural one, the cream?

Hiland Heavy Cream Nutrition FactsHiland Heavy Cream Nutrition Facts: ZERO protein

Bottom line. Although Hiland Heavy Whipping Cream is not a “bad” product, looks like, the heavier is a cream the heavier it’s processed and hence deviated from the natural way. That’s the reason why I prefer to milk my coffee with Half & Half. You have a peaceful Memorial Day holiday!

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