Enjoy Goldfish crackers!

February 25, 2012 |

Here is a pack of Goldfish snack crackers baked with real cheese by Pepperidge Farm. It is also stated that this is a natural product with no artificial preservatives and 0 g Trans Fat. Let’s see what is inside.


Goldfish Crackers: Risk and Nutrition

Goldfish Crackers: Risk and Nutrition

As you see from the green and yellow diagram, risk and nutrition profile of the Goldfish crackers is rather healthy. There are no strange chemicals added to the crackers (no red segments in the diagram) so you will take zero foreign chemical additive risk of DDFI = 0/26 = 0 and you will get moderate nutritional charge of DDNF = 26/17 ~ 1.5. Note, however, that these crackers are relatively high in sodium: ¼ gram per every serving of 55 small fishes (30 g). A positive side is that you get 4 g of protein and less than 1 g of sugar with every serving. Not bad at all for a snack, especially if you have plenty of pure water available.

Enjoy your Goldfish crackers which are also safe for your children if eaten in moderation!

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