Maamoul Cookies: The Quality You Can Trust

January 2, 2012 |

I have reviewed Lofthouse Frosted Sugar Cookies a number of times. They are produced in the USA in slightly different manner (mostly by color) by any occasion like Valentine’s Day (rose), St. Patrick’ Day (green), Back to School  (red) event or Christmas but they all are essentially the same: some 40 (!) ingredients including 14 – 15 foreign food additives (hostile to human biochemistry) causing high risk and low nutritional value. That was the reason why I have not reviewed the Christmas issue of Lofthouse cookies: they are all the same harmful stuff.

Therefore it was even bigger surprise for me to find out that Maamoul Date Filled Cookies produced by Halwani Bros Co. of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are so nicely nutritious and human friendly! Look at the risk diagram: it is almost all green and you see no red segments at all. I wish they baked cookies like that in the USA: with only 6 ingredients which are mostly NUTRIENTS!


Maamoul Cookies:  Risk and Nutrition

Maamoul Cookies: Risk and Nutrition

Based on the ingredient list, there are no even benign food additives (yellow segments) in the Saudi Arabian cookies. After enjoyable experience of trying them I decided to include table salt (the only yellow segment you see in the diagram) which, I believe was a part of the recipe but was not included into the list of ingredients.  Maybe I am wrong but that is the assumption I have made. Indeed Maamoul cookies recipe includes some salt. There is another recipe for the Date Filled Cookies. Also you can find a variety of Maamoul Fine Midterranian Sweets online.

So enjoy your Maamoul Cookies and treat your lovely kids to them without fear! With All Best Wishes for the New 2012 Year!

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