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December 3, 2011 |

So many fruit snacks designed for children have little or no fruits. Starches, gums and artificial colorants are added instead to mimic fruits and berries that you can see only depicted on the labels. Recently reviewed Fruit Gushers  of General Mills Sales, Inc., is an example of such a kind.  But we have good news! Many honest manufacturers practice a robust philosophy of production of nutritious food for kids. Here is a healthy fruit snack offered by Clif Bar & Company  (CA, USA). The company’s website explains their simple concept: “Good food provides health, joy and energy, and is a delight to the senses and food made right can make world a better place. That’s why we use organic ingredients in all our products.”

Stated value. Strawberry natural flavor; real fruit; gluten free; excellent source of vitamin C. ALL Natural. No High Fructose Corn Syrup; No hydrogenated oils; No preservatives; No artificial flavors; No trans fats. Each of six ropes serves 70 calories, 17 g of carbs, 1 g of dietary fiber and 0.12 g (3%) of your potassium DRI (see the USDA Dietary Guidance). Not bad at all!


Clif Kid ZFruit twists: Risk and Nutrition

Clif Kid ZFruit twists: Risk and Nutrition

Real value. ZFruit rope strawberry twists contain no foreign food additives hostile to the human’s metabolism (no red segments in the diagram); e. g. artificial food dyes present in the Fruit Gushers. The three benign food additives (yellow segments) are:

  • Organic flavors. This combination of the two words raises eyebrows: while the meaning of “organic” is clear when applied to vegetables or other whole foods, its application to a natural chemical or a plant extract sounds questionable and misleading;
  • Malic acid, a natural acid added for tartness;
  • Ferric phosphate is an iron supplement.

Therefore every serving of ZFruit (one rope) offers you zero foreign additives risk, DDFI = 0/12 = 0 and descent nutritional value of DDNF = 12/11 ~ 1. Yes, it is safe eating ZFruit ropes in moderation.

Clif Kid ZFruit twists

Clif Kid ZFruit twists

While ZFruit Strawberry contains no actual strawberries but the flavor, it does contain tangible amount of a real apple puree, not starches and gums. And, of course, there is no mineral oil  you have to take if you happen to be a Twizzlers twists lower. Gerber’s Graduates fruit twists are superior to the ZFruit because they are made of multiply real fruit purees with no additives at all. I don’t like this part though: you will have to pay for Graduates twice the price you pay for ZFruit.

I hope this quick report helps you to realize you freedom of choice in favor of the less risky food!

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