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September 25, 2011 |

This is one of the few products of the Bakery at Walmart which contains no artificial colorants. The tarts made in Canada are safe to eat with the only foreign food additive, an artificial flavor, which is a chemical kept as a commercial secret. Anyway, with its low foreign food additive risk of only DDFI = 6/30 = 0.2 and its descent nutritional value of DDNF = 30/15 = 2  it is safe to eat these tarts in moderation. While I cannot  gladly recommend this product to you, I can say it is of acceptable quality.


Walmart Pecan Tarts: Risk and Nutrition

Walmart Pecan Tarts: Risk and Nutrition

With every tart you will get 17 g of sugars, 3 g of protein and 330 calories. Yes, plan to do some exercise or hard mental work in order to use these calories up. But once again, this product has no obvious toxic or questionable food additives. This is good! While sugar and HFCS are nutrients, their regular over-consumption may lead to dangerous health conditions as it was recently reported again.

So when you enjoy your pecan tarts do not forget to count how many were eaten to keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. I hope this quick report helps you to make less risky food choices for you and your children.

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