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June 9, 2011 |

24 Bullets frozen confections

Summer is about to start heating 24/7 so we begin to think of getting something cool for us and our kids. Could it be 24 frozen colored bars (59 g each) of the Blue Bell for $3.47?

Blue Bell frozen bars

Blue Bell 24 Bullets

Hope not and here is why. One of the Dye Diet’s goals is to help the consumers to see the difference between a stated and real value of products. Below is my imaginary interview with a Blue Bell representative.

DyeDiet: Hi, the Blue Bell guy! On your western style 24 Bullets container we read: “Fresh From the Little Creamery.” The word “fresh” in the food context implies something perishable like fruits, vegetables, milk, cream, etc. Could you please tell our children what exactly is fresh in your bars for them?

Blue Bell: Well, we are proud to offer you and your kids a whole variety of our food additives:

We also add a bit of vitamin C as the antidote. All in one, you know.

DyeDiet: In your statement you say: “Naturally fat free.” So why naturally, what do you mean?

Blue Bell: Well, we use natural water, natural corn syrup and HFCS which are all fat free.

DyeDiet: Excuse me; while HFCS is made from corn it is not natural because it has been enzymatically prepared from cornstarch.  Furthermore, even corn itself is genetically modified and, hence unnatural. (See: Genetically modified food ingredients). Unfortunately regular consumption of HFCS may lead to a number of health conditions.

Here is my next question therefore. In another statement you say that this frozen treat is “Artificially flavored grape, orange, lime and cherry” that sounds like you have added artificial flavors to somehow enhance the real fruits. I wonder if there are any real fruits in the Blue Bell 24 Bullets?

Blue Bell: Honestly, NONE of the above mentioned fruits actually are present in our frozen bars. These bars are nothing more than sugary ice chemically flavored and colored to fake grape, orange, lime and cherry. Do you enjoy our 24 Bullets?

DyeDiet (whispering): Frankly saying, I guess, your bars may serve better job as the suppositories. What do you think?

Blue Bell (whispering):  Listen, we have tried but, let me tell you, it was not funny….

DyeDiet (loudly): Well, then simply stop playing your nasty marketing games with OUR children! Good bye, Blue Bell, the fake food maker.

Now let us, for instance, compare the ingredient lists of the Blue Bell and the Kool-Aid fake grapes. The two completely different brands and products yet contain the same basic ingredients. Look for yourself.

Blue Bell and Kool-Aid fake grapes comparison

You will find less preservatives (of course, it is frozen!) added to the Blue Bell. Yes, the Blue Bell “grape” is not as scary as the Kool-Aid “grape” but it is clearly not the product to treat your lovely children to. Here is how much food dyes they will eat.

Food dyes detected in Blue Bell 24 Bullets

The FDA Acceptable Daily Intake is huge (see the numbers: ADI for the food dyes). For more detail read the CSPI reports: Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks and Diet, ADHD and Behavior. Also read excellent collection of peer-reviewed articles on the toxicity of the FD&C food dyes in laboratory animals: Studies on the Food Dyes.

Blue Bell 24 Bullets Risk Score, DDRS ~ 71

Yes, risk that you get with the Blue Bell is lower than that of the Kool-Aid, DDFI = 41/18 ~ 2.3 and the nutritional value is not as low but still very poor, DDNF = 18/53 ~ 0.3

 Blue Bell Risk Score Diagram

DyeDiet Risk to Nutrition Score Label

Knowing all the above information, would you buy again the Blue Bell 24 Bullets frozen bars for your children? As many times before, your better choice is sitting next on the same aisle: Edy’s Fruit Bars , all natural. Here they are, for the SAME price of $3.48:

Edy’s Fruit Bars

Let us vote the Kool-Aid, Mountain Dew, Blue Bell bars and the like out of the stores by not buying them!

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